Listen to your instincts and trust your intuition. It’s usually always right.

Ever notice that when you go to a specific place you are more creative, prolific, or things simply work out effortlessly?

I find the older I get the more I pay attention to these occurrences. I do what works repeatedly; we don’t have to understand why but that- it simply is.

If you’re a very creative, visionary type person like me, you’ll especially want to refine and hone in perfecting this skill.

It takes a lot of trial-and-error to see what works for you and your own personal work schedule and also the type of work that you do which varies for all of us.

Experiment and keep a journal as to what you accomplished and where you did it. If you’re a writer, photographer, or a digital artist like me, this is especially important.

Some people say they “get into the zone” or “get in the right frame of mind,” whatever figure of speech you use- just find ways that you can get inspired and keep doing those things without fail that work.

Also, just as important as keeping track of what works, make special note of what doesn’t work for you and then don’t do it again! That’s the key to success in life keep repeating what really works well an avoid what doesn’t.

Also, make sure and take your business cards, any flyers or other things you created to showcase your work. If you haven’t created anything like that yet, then by all means please do!

Effective and cleverly created marketing tools are like little Messenger birds carrying loads of possibilities in their beaks! They can travel way farther than you ever dreamed.

Very well-constructed business cards don’t get in people’s hands unless you get out of the house to put them in there too!

Facebook and Twitter can only go so far you know, and it’s boring as hell as far as I’m concerned it’s just sit in front of a monitor all day. Life wasn’t meant to be lived like that.

You know that card you gave that person that sat next to you? Maybe they didn’t want any of your products or services but they may have 5 people who do, and then who knows how many they may have.

Get it?

So, if you find a person that their eyes light up like a beacon and they sparkle and are excited about you and what you’re doing, give that person 5 or 10 cards, so they can pass them out on your behalf.

All you need are dedicated fans who not only like you, but like your work and believe in what you’re doing. Once you’ve made that kind of rapport with someone, you can capitalize on that in a very genuine way.

People can spot authenticity in 1 second, and people can spot people who are not doing things for the right reason, or who are manipulative, or who are walking around like sales people reading some kind of artificial script.

I never walk around like a salesperson; I’m just myself and I’m outgoing and have the same personality my mother had, who was richly blessed with charisma.

When I went to Chapman University and I was in the Voluntary Leadership program back in 1997, one of the powers that they referred to was money, another was education but the one you can’t buy and you have to be born with is charisma.

People are more than happy to tell their friends and coworkers about your company and what you do if it has merit and value.

The way I always look at it, is I don’t really hand out cards to people as a rule, but I simply put some of my things out there wherever I Go, typically Starbucks or another rather high end coffee place, tea house, or simply an interesting place I have never been. Wherever I think people would like the products and services that I create….I will check it out. I go on refined hunches that typically pay off.

It just involves using common sense and psychology and a little demographically knowledge doesn’t hurt either.

I simply put enough interesting things out there on my table that I’m sitting at- that the people come to me- I don’t bother them.

I never do. I just put a few things out on the table that I think would tell people what I do, what kind of person I am, and they come to me asking questions. Even if they aren’t interested in what I do, I usually make a new friend.

After all, you can have the best product Services the best writing, the best artwork, and photography, but if nobody knows about it all-what good is it when it’s only for your eyes only.

I took Twitter and Facebook off my device because I was starting to feel like a robot or a cyborg on the stupid computer or my smart phone all day and I didn’t want to end up like that. Voice to voice and face to face tell people more about you as a human being and what you do than sitting around a computer sharing stuff on networking sites any day.

You have to have tenacity, courage, tons of guts and confidence to be able to do things like that. Overtime you will build that but if you sit behind a computer 24 hours a day and just share stuff on different networking sites people will never really get to know you and what you do and what you’re all about. Can’t you tell people better about what you do if you saw them face-to-face then if you told them on a post on Facebook?

The people that are out in the real world are the people who are going to be the real supporters in True Life. Those are the people that if you just happen to do a project for them, will hopefully write a testimonial.

So way before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, they were people, ordinary people that talk to one another and who had conversations that were exciting.

I hope that some of the things that I’ve learned over the years help some of you out there somehow.

I know that all the people reading this on WordPress are typically writers, they’re good with photography because they put pictures in to embellish the stories and their creative because most have a Blog.

Try building your friendship base this week and also build new customers by strategically looking up on Google Maps places where people would be more likely to like what you do. Take your smartphone with you maybe your tablet computer but keep your ears and eyes open and don’t just sit there with your ear pieces on so people won’t talk to you.

Take your earpiece off or Bluetooth off your head! Nobody talks or initiates conversation with anybody with a thing on their head.

Once you do that, people start noticing you and then you start realizing that people are very outgoing and it’s a pretty nice world live in.

Wherever you are I hope you have a blessed night.

Signing off for the day…

Paulette Motzko

and necessary no matter what you’re doing in life

Stylized Self Portraits by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Copyright August 1st, 2018.