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There are 136 contributors in today’s issue of Your Epilepsy News Resource.

Your Epilepsy News Source was created by Paulette Le Pore Motzko. Because she knew that epilepsy was in the Dark Ages and needed something informational and innovative and unique that would be available to everyone who had the invisible, misunderstood disorder. If you are interested in monetizing this newsletter with her, contact her at TotallyInspiredPC at

Paulette Motzko is not only the creator of the history making newsletter that regenerates itself daily, but she was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy at the pivotal age of 9 years young, the same age did she learn to play the piano and cook, one of her greatest passions.

She was nearly killed in the near fatal car accident over 25 years ago and will never forget the amount of people who were applauding when she opened the car door and finally walked out of the car, thanking God that she was alive.

“It wasn’t my time to go. I have many more Good Deeds to do and the Lord knew it.”

Upon looking at her you’d never know anything was the matter, which is the way she likes it. But because she wants to prove anyone with disabilities can do anything they put their mind to, just as her mom used to say.

She is the former director of the Orange County Sub affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation and CEO and Founder of The Epilepsy Connection, back in 1997.

She has spoken out about her condition and hopes that she would give others hope and then she would make others realize their inherent potential.

If you would like to explore ways this digital newsletter can educate others on the latest medical breakthroughs while raising money to find the cure, you can email her at

TotallyInspiredPC at or she can be reached at


Photo credits: All were photographed and created by Paulette L. Motzko with exception to the one of Paulette Lepore playing the piano at 9 years old before she met the Polish rocket scientist she ended up marrying then divorcing which changed her last name to Motzko.

The ocean picture digital painting created from a real painting that my dear mother in heaven painted.

I added some digital brush strokes using some sophisticated digital photo apps.

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