inkWELL Press | 2018 Goal Setting Weekly Planner and Daily Agendas

This productivity system looks fantastic for writers, creators and entrepreneurs.

I know a lot of my friends that would like one of these books like Evan Carmichael who has his believe Life Channel on YouTube, my teacher friend Jennie Fitzkee, and a whole bunch of new followers on my most popular blog

The book costs $44 just like my lucky number, and I make no money for anything I endorse, not that I wouldn’t mind.

This comes with training videos and hooks you up with other Goal Setters and Entrepreneurs too.

I definitely will own one of these.

I am a conceptual person who sees ideas in a graph like way and with pictures, and that’s what this book does, which is why I really love it.

It will really help me with the projects that I’m beginning right now. I am just starting monetizing my philanthropic newsletters to eventually take the proceeds and put them towards finding the cure for the very disorders and diseases that the newsletters were written about.

I want to work with a huge, well recognized non-profit that works with each specialty and then give the donors recognition by putting html banners on the newsletters:

  1. Your Epilepsy News Resource
  2. Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily
  3. The Quest for the Cancer Cure

I have big picture ideas and big picture goals so it deserves a big picture appointment book.

I know many who read are like minded too.

This one is far more than simply appointments and lists but goals, and it has tracking graphs which will allow you to look at all the progress you make, which is awesome.

I hope a few of you enjoyed this.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

May 14th 2018. 3:04 p.m.

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