Go-Givers Sell More (Unabridged)

I just finished Go-Givers Sell More (Unabridged) by Bob Burg, John Mann, narrated by Bob Burg, John Mann on my Audible app.

Image from Pinterest.

I highly recommend it to anybody, whether you’re in sales or not. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom to be gleaned here and just life in general. If you are an independent contractor, work for yourself, have a business and the wisdom and points mentioned in the book are helpful to anyone looking for more than “the next sale.”

Much of the philosophy in the book contradict everything that people were taught in sales, which is a good thing, because I never liked being pressured by anybody anyway. After you finish the book you’ll be listening more than talking and really getting to know the person, even if you never did business with the person. Developing understanding and trust both ways is an integral part of life. You’ll become a better listener and communicator as a result of this book.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

May 14th 2018. 4:18 p.m.

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