1. Yes, I don’t even like Twitter and removed both of them, but recently a client asked if I knew how to use HooteSuite, and told him I didn’t, but I learned about it, installed it and hooked up a few of my sites.

                    2. It’s an app that, if you allow it to, we’ll schedule your posts for when you tell it to. And you can just put it one post but put it on three sites at once

                    3. I freed up 4 GB by taking off Facebook and the silly messaging app, that just interrupted me all day for stupid reasons. Very rarely does someone have something noteworthy to say.

                    4. I got tired of Zuckerberg’s security breach, and trying to make money off every post I put up

                    5. Hello Drew,
                      I just saw an email showing a comment that you wrote saying that you would just made my macaroni and cheese and you were putting the leftovers up. I can’t find the email or comment now.

                    6. The sun is setting here at 7:33 in the evening, and I need to turn some more lights on

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