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Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

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April 30th 2018. 10:23 a.m.

I still don’t feel a physical wall was the answer to stopping the Mexican people from coming over our borders. If he was such a great negotiator with North and South Korea why couldn’t have done it for Mexico too? Why, in a country where were already trillions in debt, why should we become more and debt making something that could have been avoided completely? Ridiculous or not, I’m not the president and I’m not the one controlling things.

Does anybody know if they started building the wall yet? I wish they could take the plans and throw them in the garbage and save all that money and pay the debt off that the United States has instead. Maybe I should suggest that to him on Twitter! He reads it 24/7.

I took Facebook and Twitter off my Note 4 and was a lot happier and more productive from doing so. Sure it’s fun to talk to my friends and download pictures all day, but I also freed up over 4 gigabytes worth of space on my Note 4, I don’t get interruptions from young guys in India wanting to date me all day and my Note 4 doesn’t crash all day and I’ve been accomplishing everything I set out to do and that is awesome.

I don’t feel the need to tell everybody everything I’m doing 24 hours a day and a woman shouldn’t really do stuff like that.

If all you’re doing is Tweeting andFacebooking it becomes very difficult to simply live and focus on what you’re doing and create quality work, and work on projects that are unique and top quality and create mindfulness in your life. If you don’t focus on what things in your life for a top priority and follow through with them then you become the master of nothing instead of the master many.

After the major breaches in security with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, I’ll never trust the guy again. He has no integrity and he proved it by selling out everyone’s private information for money. He looked at each individual Facebook member like “just another mailing list to sell” and that’s a flaw in his DNA that will always be there. That’s why I never shared my financial info there. If I had he would have sold that too!

I will always wonder if my information is being shared again so I’m gradually saving all my pictures one by one off Facebook with the grand finally hitting the delete button.

I saw an ad from Mark Zuckerberg late on cable last night showing Facebook and all the people talking to each other and hugging each other on a commercial. His reputation has been forever tarnished not only in the Facebook users minds but in the business world too. Your integrity quota and your reputation are what you build each day like a beautiful castle around you. One false move and that castle will tumble or burn down and you’ve ruined everything you built.

Zuckerberg tried to make amends for what he did and he apologized for the breaches in security and a whole bunch of other things, but that still doesn’t wipe away what he did.

I don’t care if he says he’s going to do a certain improve security- Zuckerberg is still at the helm and he’s the one that I don’t trust. If you don’t trust someone don’t work with him don’t deal with them don’t worry about it don’t make excuses. It’s people who ignore their inner voice and their insight and their instincts that’s screw up in life.

What Zuckerberg did with all of our information i will never know, but I know I value my life, my photo creations, my words too much to put them in the hands of somebody which I think there might be a gray area.

I was a Facebook user nearly 10 years.

I had some close friends on there, but when I really thought about it, how many people did I know who would share their phone numbers with me, and how many did I know well?

How many were willing to give me their cell phone number? If they hesitate on that, they are not a friend because they don’t trust you for some strange reason.

If you can’t trust someone you don’t have a friend at all to you?

I realized that after talking to a friend I had known a very long time, mentioning that I was pulling all my information eventually off Facebook. I don’t care how many hours I’ve spent I don’t care how many pages I have it’s not doing me any good. It’s a waste of my time and a waste of my valuable resources as I know sales made from any of my pages. My time is better spent doing other things and time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have in your life or give anyone else.

This post started as me sharing a Trump video and ended up me talking about integrity, the fiscal budget, Facebook and Twitter and us making choices on what we do with our time, privacy issues, friendship and trust.

I am kind of all over the place in terms of topics, but I make some valid points to ponder in spite of that.

Sure you can be on Facebook for the fun of it, nothing wrong with that and if it makes you feel good and you enjoy it then by all means do it, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But the art of living is a matter of the choices that we make for ourselves and they form the life we will lead.

I hope all of you on this last day of April do something wonderful, something that really is gratifying and also something that you work on and finish and you stand back and say “I really accomplished that! Boy am I proud of myself!”

Be always blessed.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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