10 thoughts on ““The Power of Carrying People’s Stories in Our Hearts” from UniteinPrayer.org

    1. You are definitely one of those positive Minds that I speak about all the time on the blog that I was hoping to attract by creating it. Your side is phenomenal and I look forward to reading it more and your images are gorgeous!

    2. By the way, I’m also following you are blog. What is your name?
      Do you write all of the content for that site because it looks like just one person does. And also are you the photographer for the images, because they really extraordinary.

            1. Good morning Nicks from Polly in Las Vegas, NV.
              I would be more than happy to add the images that go with that story that I put up of carrying people stories in your heart, if you want me to. I think it would make the story look so much nicer having your images in it. I won’t share the images with anyone just on this side for that story. And I will make a comment that the images are yours Nicky Grant from UniteinPrayer.com.

              If it sounds like a great idea then just send any images or anything else you might think the world would like to read, to my email at TotallyInspiredPC at gmail.com.

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