10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home


This is an awesome article that outlines several strategies for streamlining what you own and asking yourself what is it that really matters to you.

It is good to ask yourself periodically what you want to keep in your home. If you do it right, your place will be a show place and not one you are embarrassed when you think of someone entering into it.

Your home reflects its owner. What do you value is reflected all around from the moment your front door is opened.

Create a peaceful, clean place that delights you and is easy to take care of, entertain in and find things.

Asking yourself what items are worth the space it takes in your house to keep or dust, will open up more space you didn’t know you had and remove the psychological hangups of keeping things for “some day”.

Most everything requires upkeep.

I know that I’m scaling down clothes again after reading some of the tips here. I haven’t worn many items for a very long time and a poor lady at The Salvation Army could buy them and wear them. I know because I shopped at those precious places with my mom when I was a kid and found really nice outfits. All the kids thought I was rich, I was in spirit my parents weren’t but did their best raising four children-the youngest being me.

I already donated my larger sized items after losing weight. I ended up getting rid of several boxes worth and gave them to charity, and to neighbors who had less than I- which made me feel good. I like it when my “trash” becomes someone else’s treasure.

So, weather you’re a hoarder or just collect a lot of things or are we just like some great, usable tips that will help you become more organized then you already are, you’ll enjoy the article.

I also hope that something I said speaks to you in a way that will help you live a more peaceful, more organized life. What I know to be a fact is the more organized you are, the less you have to look for things and I like that.

Text written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

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