2 thoughts on “A List of the Companies Cutting Ties With the N.R.A. – The New York Times

  1. Did you listen to Dana Loesch Wednesday? The NRA leadership wants you to believe that they are crusaders for constitutional rights.  They are not.  The NRA is a hobby organization.  Their hobby is guns.  All kinds of guns – hunting rifles, hand guns and weapons of mass destruction in the form of assault rifles.  They believe that that they should have no restrictions.  They should be able to own any gun, any caliber, with any size magazine.  To support their hobby, they spend millions in contributions to and against law makers. 

    NRA hobbyists  will tell you that guns are not the problem.  The problem is that we have crazies, immigrants and criminals in the US. Our schools are not built to stop high velocity bullets.  Public safety entities don’t share data, and doctors don’t cure mental illness.

    The NRA would like YOU to correct those problems. How? Spend money to turn schools into bunkers with armed paramilitaries patrolling the corridors. Not just schools, but anywhere that people congregate. If you don’t then YOU are the problem, not guns.

    Homicide rates are 25 times higher in the US than in other high income countries. No other first world country allows hobbyists to own assault weapons or buy lawmakers. Ban weapons of mass destruction and you don’t need to teach our kids in bunkers with armed guards. If the UK and Australia can do it so can we. Dump the gun ego trip and save our kids.

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