Paulette Motzko shared “Your One Word” by Evan Carmichael from Google Play Books

Your One Word, Evan Carmichael.–CwAAQBAJ

Do you know what your one word is that best describes what motivates you?

It’s a word that you have to do a lot of soul searching for. You have to just sit in a quiet place with no interruptions and just think about what word would best describes you and what you stand for, and what makes you feel rewarded when you do it.

But when you come up with it, it’s going to be your Guiding Light, so to speak, as my ultra positive, very smart buddy Evan Carmichael says.

Knowing your one most important word or motivation will help direct your path in your life and help you also say no to a lot of things that are not benefiting you or what your goals are.

I created a picture that’s on my desk that I look at everyday and my keyword is “empower”…. I took that very important action word and extrapolated and added a very important noun on the end of my one word and it reads “Empower Others”…

What is your one word?

If you had two words that are like your beacon in the night propelling you forward, what are your most important two words?

Text written by and photography and digital photo arts by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

February 21st, 2018.

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