Take a light hearted  attitude towards life and life will smile back at you

One day this last week I was getting ready to go and rounding up all my things go out the door for the day. Two things that I take every day are my cool polarized sunglass covers that go over my prescription Progressive bifocals to protect me from the Gastly hot piercing Nevada Desert Sun and my Xela high-definition Bluetooth earbuds, so as I walk through the day with a lilt to my step and a smile on my face. 

Music has a way of turning the mundane into special.

I can listen to my playlists on either YouTube Red or Spotify or iHeart Radio or one of my many books on LibriVox, Audible, or hear vocal recognition software voice read me one of the many digital books that I have.

I also listen to music while I’m doing certain kinds of work that just makes life happier and better. 

Music helps you dance through your day instead of drag on. 

If you’re walking or exercising, music helps you go farther and faster.

 In scientific studies it’s been proven that Baroque music- harpsichords, cellos and chamber music that is, helps concentration when you’re doing work it’s very technical and homework.

I saw my teddy bear smiling at me from the seat across from me and decided he would make a nice place holder for my glasses and my headset ….and just laughed at the thought of the idea concept of doing this picture.

 It made me laugh doing the picture makes me laugh looking at it and I didn’t forget my stuff…. so that makes it worth doing!

When you take a light-hearted Whimsical attitude towards life and living everything seems to go better and you’re more relaxed. 

If you do technical work  especially  or work like writing web content that is very technical or resumes  geared to round up all of people’s  certifications and achievements and get them a better job -and live a better life, these things are very technical and cerebral. A little bit of lighthwartedness goes a long way.

 If you’re an engineer, doctor, scientist do a job that’s very tech-oriented, it’s nice to just take time off to do something fun for no reason at all, but for the sheer fact that you can.

All work and no play makes for a very dull day. When you interject humor, some whimsy in your day you make your steps lighthearted, your attitude improves, and everybody around you will thank you for it.

Treat others as you want to be treated and smile and be kind to everyone you meet in a non judging way. The world will smile back at you in return.

Written and compiled by Paulette L


Photography and digital photo Arts by Paulette L. Motzko.

Copyright January 2018.

Saturday January 27th 2018.

 11:40 a.m.

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