My Country Tis of Thee by The Washington Men’s Camerata With a Plea For a New President 

America desperately needs a new president.

After watching a very in-depth story on CNN about President Donald Trump and how he denies any kind of collusion -but there was and is now-and denied getting information from Russia to basically destroy Hillary Clinton in the election and how many different votes came in from Russia!

A lot of very corrupt things happened with the election that were disclosed on the CNN news story.

 I don’t know if Trump paid people of Russia to create fake news on Facebook but it is FACT NOT hypothesis and was disclosed that it was done.

He’s about as close to being a Russian and a KKK member because Trump truly feels white is a supreme race!!!!!! I personally think that that kind of mentality makes you unfit to be the president of the United States because we have the largest proportion of immigrants anywhere in the world.

Being an American citizen, and  being 56 years young now; I am proud of my country but not its leader. That will change though.

I think all the atrocities against America and all of its wonderful, unique people of many colors, many cultures, and many faiths should constitute a ticket right out the door in the White House.

Well then go back to his racist community. He uses the word God but he’s a hypocrite.

Trump’s insults alone should allow Congress to press the ejector seat in The White House on Trump and catapult him back into the all white, very hatefilled group he belongs in, not leading our country and polluting it with his filthy rotten, backward ideas.

Shouldn‘t it?

What Trump has done and proven should not only get him thrown our buy a cushy seat in s prison cell for creating a collusion with the Russian people and rigging the election, physically and verbally abusing nearly every woman who dealt with him.

Shouldn’t it?

Trump has done way more horrendous things than Nixon ever did with Watergate. So what‘s the hold up on getting a new face to lead our country?

 I am sick of his stupid Twitter posts, which the media has promoted and made news.

Here’s one for the record –Twitter posts are not news.

There is nothing that he’s printing that’s newsworthy; it’s just hype that gets people to look at the station’s news.

 Tweet’s are not news. 

What he is writing does not make him look good as the President of the United States. 

With every tweet that President Trump writes it makes him look more infantile and more like a second grader who was and still is an overgrown brat in elementary school

We can’t operate a country where the president fires everybody that he disagrees with.

 Before you know it, he’s going to fire everyone in Congress, one by one, and Trump will be the only one left!……if we don’t intervene and look at the big, ugly picture Trump painted I’m hia 1st God Forsaken Year Of Presidency since his inauguration.

The kind of brat that the principal suspended. Trump was the kind of brat that was always in fights with every other kid the kid who was and is “the troublemaker” and that’s exactly what Donald Trump is today in 2018. He’s a troublemaker and does his best job when he’s putting people against each other and Fanning Flames of Hatred and stupidity. 

United States of America is too good a country for Trump and we need a replacement immediately. 

Go to your Senator or Governor your Mayor and talk to them about signing imoeachment papers, if you haven’t signed them online already.

 Do anything else you can do to preserve the class and integrity of The USA.

A new president would be the breath of fresh air we all need and deserve.

 Get others who are like-minded to help you strength comes in numbers.

There’s more people in United States and there are him he’s out numbered. 

It’s just a matter of time and Trump will be impeached.

With all those tweets what else is he doing? 

That’s what I want to know with all the time he has to send all those tweets all over the place, what else does he do that’s actually productive and what has he done to ever help American people

Nothing is the answer.

In between all his tweets he’s done everything humanly possible to break up every good quality America had.

From the extraordinary Obamacare which that’s one of the reasons I voted for Obama years ago was so that no insurance company could turn a person down because you have a pre-existing illness like what I have.

He had no plan of what program he was going to put in place when he destroyed the first that’s called insanity. He never once stopped to look at the big picture of what he was doing and the chain reaction that would happen from him cutting Medical Care from millions of people. According to the medical examiner that just gave him a physical he’s in pretty decent shape for 71 years old but not everyone at 71 is doing as well as he is and many have chronic disabilities like myself and you basically get very good at adapting and seeing how you feel and how you feel dictates what you do. 

Trump has not had a very thorough cognitive and psychiatric assessment which and many others would like to see done; and not done by one of his doctors  but then by a private doctor that doesn’t know him has never seen him  and doesn’t care  and someone who can’t be paid to say what he is going to say.

I am certain he would fail it.

lf the insults all of the racism all of the garbage all of the filth  and most importantly all of the ways that he has made the United States look like a laughing stock,  low class  disgusting place -and it is not a disgusting place . 

It’s a place where people died to get the freedoms that we now have  and we worked years to develop the kind of relationships with other countries that we had before he was president.

Trump has many friends in Russia. If we don’t do something about this situation, I can see Hitler replayed all over again.

Since he’s been president, we have disabled people without insurance now, we have things in place that were really huge things about solar energy that have been ruined, we have things regarding our internet privacy that have been destroyed for the first time in our lives With the government wanting to look at all of our emails and texts! 

We have people wanting to invade our privacy take away all of our rights as an American citizen to believe any faith that we choose and this is corrupt. 

As an American citizen, do everything in your power to talk to your legislators in your area of the United States and see what you can do to impeach Donald Trump and get back the freedoms that we once had as American citizens before he tries to change the Constitution!

 Trump has been Fanning the Flames of hatred since his first day in office it’s about time it ends.

I was watching the CNN News live on the status of the government shutdown here in the USA. And they were talking about with it I’m shutting down the Statue of Liberty and what the Statue of Liberty represents. Well everything that’s on that extraordinary sign by the Statue of Liberty is not what Trump represents nothing about Trump is synonymous with America or the Statue of Liberty and what it represents.

They’re worried about the fact that the Statue of Liberty will be closed and when are we going to president that represents the ideals that are engraved on that statue instead of worrying about whether it’s open or not?

Did Trump forget that America is composed of immigrants and that’s what he’s been bitching about and making life hell for every kind of nationality you can think of, including many of the Senators who have family were from other countries.

I believe that if you have lived in this country for 20 years 30 years and 10 years you’re an American that’s all you’ve ever known if you’re an adult and I think it’s against their civil rights to send them anywhere else and have them be away from their families. I think it’s morally and ethically wrong.
Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Sunday January 21st 2018. 

12:08 p.m.

Updated 1:22 p.m. and at 

4:20 p.m.

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