Watch “What I’m Reading, My Top 5 Rules for Success, When to Quit Your Job – Entrepreneur AMA #8” on YouTube

I would add to what my friend Evan Carmichael says about “when to quit your job”…. when your dream job is making enough money that you can afford to!

No money is never a good thing and having some money is always better than having no money! Maybe it’s not your dream job you have now, but you can aspire to do better things every day. 

You can write a chapter in the book you’ve always wanted to write.

You can take a class on your free time.

You can go to one of the many mixers in your area, and meet more people who are interested in what you are.

You make your own, unique list that you can do while you’re aspiring to those greater, meaningful things.

You can learn you can grow you can read you can be around people who are doing what you want to do, and you can learn from them. They might even allow you to work doing what you love for a day and you can see if you really like it.

 I hope you enjoy Evan Carmichael’s newest video; I sure have.

 It takes about an hour to listen to it.

Compiled by and Text written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

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