CNN: Doctors want President Trump’s head examined (Rebuttal & Pictorial from Paulette Motzko)

Doctors want President Trump’s head examined.

Now you’re talking! 

Finally they hit the spot that’s the worst off-Trump’s racist, egocentric, arrogant, apathetic mind.

I know earlier and a new story Trump’s doctor and deemed him healthy, but then again that’s Trump’s doctor which doesn’t  count for anything. 

Trump pays people to say and do just about everything so nothing that has his name on it you should believe.

After the recent horrible things that hit the news about him and him referring to other countries in a way that I will not even say on the site, that should be enough to impeach him, and I hope it is.

After all, in a world that’s constantly changing we need to change our rules of impeachment for Trump is concerned because if you shown time and time again that you are not a good person, that you have no respect for women, that you have said racial things about every country in the world, and made the United States look like a laughing stock –you shouldn‘t be president and I don‘t care what kind of rules there areWe need to make some new rules especially for Trump.

Typically with every other President, it has been implied that the acting President be intelligent. 

Non-racist should be in the job description for president too. If it’s not in the job description in what we require as the leader of the United States; we should certainly put it in there!

Without integrity and compassion you have a empty shell of a human being.

  Trump has deficits on all counts that make someone who is not well adjusted and he has no knowledge of how to mediate and negotiate with other countries peacefully

I hope that the psychological evaluation includes extensive personality testing too.

I also hope the deliberations United States regarding all of the refugees and people who have lived here over 30 years, who now because of Trump, and his lack of decision making are being threatened with going back to Mexico! That’s just completely unfair. Anybody who has lived here for 30 years has adopted the United States as their native country. 

It’s against their civil rights to make them leave as far as I’m concerned.

For all who are in the “gray abyss” of not knowing whether you’re going to be deported, I pray that you’ll be able to stay with your family and live the life you’re used to.

Most Americans are not like Trump, thank God.

 I hope that Congress and Trump at all involved make their minds up about all of those government jobs that are left dangling right now. It is not fair because it’s stressing out all the poor people that have those jobs!

 I hope that everyone in congress wakes up out of her stupor and just makes a decision that is good for everyone. 

Make a decision that looks out for the best interest of all people. (We don’t want thousands of government workers laid off resulting in pandemonium, do we?) 

Our cities without no police officers protecting them either, let alone the jobs lost and families with no bread earner, risking home loss. 

How come the people who serve on such high seats fail to see and allow themselves to see the chain reaction of events that would happen if they chosen wisely?

Do people wear rose-colored glasses once they set foot in office? 

Do they lose all sense of reality and what is good for everyone?

Horrible things would happen as a result of a government shutdown. 

I dont think Trump is bright enough to realize it.

Hopefully the decision-makers  will put people out of their misery and not do a government shutdown.

I pray they come to an agreement today.

 Say a prayer for  The United States of America. 

Above image written and created by Paulette L. Motzko.

 The USA needs thousands of prayers now.

I pray they won’t risk letting dozens of government jobs go just because they want their “say”. It wouldn’t looking out for the greater good of all, which is what you’re supposed to do when you’re in public health office. What we have now is one ego batting heads with another ego and no one’s looking for the greater good of anyone!

Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Images from Pinterest.

January 16th 2018. 5:10 p.m.

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