20 Morning Affirmations from LemonadeBrain.com with Paulette Motzko’s Wish For You

I love this wonderful image created by the site Lemonadebrain.com.

I found it on Pinterest earlier this evening when I was looking at the collection they rounded up for me for the day.

I wanted to share it all with you tonight before I went to bed so that early tomorrow morning when you wake up find it there waiting like a smile and a hug from me to you.

Written and compiled by 

Paulette Motzko.

January 9th 2018 

12:07 midnight.

Guess I had more to say here….

I can’t believe it’s 2018 already! Can you?

 I remember when I was a kid at 4 years old wearing my little Pebble Pebbles boots The Flintstones written all over them,  watching Looney Tunes cartoons (before they started editing them saying they were too violent), and Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck would talk about 2018 and it sounded so futuristic! Well I guess we are living in the future now and time has a way of passing in this fleeting thing called life.

I hope you all pack a lot of living in this year doing things maybe you‘ve never tried, but always wanted to. That way, 10 years from now you look back and say what an awesome year 2018 was, when you relive those phenomenal memories you‘ll be making now.

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