Carl Frye’s Mission Statement

​ Ater posting my Mission Statement this morning on I shared the post on Facebook and I knew my high school friend Carl Frye would respond.

He and I met when we were going to Garden Grove High together years ago and he searched my full name on Facebook years ago- since he remembered it- and I kept it the same -and found me there a few years ago. 

I asked permission to share his inspirational words with you all. 

I hope you enjoy Carl’s Mission Statement and I hope you’ll consider writing your own and submitting it.

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 Put attention Paulette Motzko: Mission Statement -in the subject line.

Be blessed all who read this.

1.My calling gives me my identity.My calling is not something that I do,but is something I am.My identity lies with my calling.(1 corinthians 1:1)
2.My spiritual gifts and abilities are not something I am,but something I do.when I am ministering through my spiritual gifts the Holy spirit is working through me.(1 peter 4:10)
3.My anointing gives me purpose.whenever the anointing of the holy Spirit is apon me my life suddenly takes on purpose,and I am inspired to accomplish something for God.(Isaiah 61:1)
4.My gifts,and calling of God are irrevocable,and the anointing of the Lord flows through me according the the relation I have with the holy Spirit.(roman 11:29)
                                            My Office(Mantle)
1.I am a gift from God to the church,and use my spiritual gifts accrdingly.the gift I am called to creates a call in my life to fullfill my responcibility to my office,and ministry.(Ephesians 4:2)
2.Being a gift from God to the church discribed the value I have in the church,and should be respected,but not worshipped. My calling identifies with my gifts,and is who I am in christ not what I do.
3.My calling is part of the government of God,and my responcibility is to lead people to restoration in christ in accordinance with my office.(Mantle)
4.the anointing stays with me,but my office(mantle) remains with my mission.without my mantle I have no roll in my calling.(1 samuel 2:4,2 samuel 5:3). I have insight.the ability to understand issues in situations,peoples motives,and God’s inspiration.I can not predict the future,but i have the ability of prophetic context,services roles,and perspectives.
5.I am a servant of God,and God ministers to me through his word (The Holy Bible) to me,and anoints me with the Holy spirit to minister to others.(Amos 3:7,1 corinthians 2:9-10)
6 God has given me an anointing,and I am highly favored by him.(1 chronicals 16:22,Genisis 20:7)
7.I am called by God.I did not ask for my calling.God called me to it.(Jeremiah 1:4) I was not called by God at birth.I was called by God when God restored me to what he intended for me to be.(Joel 2:25) I have the responcibility to develope my gifts,and abilities.It took me 14 years to believe it for me to become what I am in christ today.
8.My responcibility,and limited authority is given to me until the church(the body of christ) has matured into what God wanted it to be.(Ephesians 4:11)
9.My primary responcibility is to help equipt the people of God by leading them to Jesus christ,confession of sins,repentence of sin,and thankfulness to God for the forgiveness of sins that they may see,and hear what god says in their hearts so there is stability in the church(the body of Christ) that they may work in harmony together.(Ephesians 4:11)
10.I wish to help restore families(Malachi 4:5)
11.I wish to give pastors encouragement in buiding the kindom for God.(Ezra 5:1,ezra 6:14,and support their work for God.
12.I wish to release an anointing over others that they will one day have the grace of God in their lives to lead.(1 samuel 15:1)
13. I wish to be used by God as a forthteller,not a foreteller through my prophetic ministry.(Ezekiel 37:6)
14.I wish to pray for nations,and people for God to protect them,and to not be afraid.(2 kings 19:6)
15.I wish to interpet what is said through the gift of tongues.(1 corinthians chapter 12)
16.I wish to warn people of impending disasters,and desire to contribute my advise,suggestions,and ideas to help prevent a crisis. (Psalm 91)
17.I wish to warn world leaders of the dangers of sin,and help them restore their witness for God so they may carry out God’s perfect will (2 samuel 12:1-7),and driect them with prophetic insight,and divine wisdom.
18.I wish to lead people to Jesus christ through the power,and anointing of the Holy Spirit,and for God to change their hearts to the person God intended for them to be.(1 samuel 10:1-6)
19.I wish to obtain limited power and authority in the church,and serve under a pastor,and exersize the duties thereof to be a second man to him when he has other obligations to take care of.(1 corinthians 9:2)
20.God has given me a measure of faith.(Romans 12:3)
21.I am called to be under a pastor,and appoint people to positions,and for a pastor to commission them.(2 corinthians 10:13)
22.I use perception,and vision what will happen in peoples lives once they are saved,and filled with the holy spirit,and walk with God.I wish to be the pastors second man.(1 corinthians 12:29)
23.I wish to restore my witness for God,and be a beacon for him with god being the cornerstone.(ephesians 2:19)
24.I wish to support the mission of the pastor,and submit to their authority because they were given a mission,and I desire to submit to that mission.
25.I when I die my office(Mantle) die with me,and the anointing will rest with me in my grave (2 kings 13:14)My offspring would not sacrifice his purpose in life for my office (mantle)
I desire,want,need to be all that God has called me to be to be what he intended for me to be after conversion.I desire to fullfill my calling by leading churches,and people to restoration in christ,and give God all the praise,honor,and glory so when I go to heaven I will be worthy to hear those precious words said by my savior:Well done good,and faithful servant.!

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