Insurance Journal: Is It Time to Say So Long to Social Security Numbers?

This is one thing that Trump is doing that I actually approve of and think it’s a good thing. It may be the only thing that I approve of but I think it’s great to explore alternative ways of guaranteeing that what is ours and personal stays that way.  Years ago when the social security number was created, I would have to do research to see when that was , it worked all right  and now we have children being raised with smart devices and Google that cyberspace and a whole bunch of things that were in place when the social security numbers were issued years ago . We live in a society today where someone can waive a concealed  weapon  in a minute your debit card and get all the information off of it without you even knowing it.

In the age of scammers and hackers, with the high fraud rate’s increasing, we need to explore alternative solutions that guarantee what is private stays secure.

Since I was married to a real rocket scientist to 15 years, I’m fully aware that there is more than 20 ways to do any one thing. And just because we’ve been doing it a certain way for 50 years or more doesn’t mean that’s the best way. Because it’s time is changed the circumstances around our world has changed and we need to come up with something that meets it had on and guarantees the security and privacy of every American citizen.

Wednesday October 11th 2017 at 3:29 p.m.

Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Insurance Journal: Is It Time to Say So Long to Social Security Numbers?

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