Til There Was You, Many Steps Taken Today & Wishing You A Peaceful Night

Everyone loved the remastered version of Paul McCartney Till There Was You, and I found this wonderful one by Harrison Craig, a very talented young man. I love the guitar arrangement as well. 

 I walked all over the place on my day out! According to my pacer app I walked 4,730 steps.

 I got up at my usual 5:30 a.m. when the birds are waking up and singing their  Morning Serenade…..

Tomorrow I will be planting my new pretty cacti garden and doing other house related things and other work on my websites and photo editing.

Be blessed.

Written by and photographs by Paulette Motzko.

Friday, July 28th  2017 at 10:01 p.m.

Dogs Are Great Sniffers Because They Have A Second “Nose” from Curiosity.com

This is a definite “must read!” It’s sounds like a joke- but it is not a joke.

 The story mentions the scientific name of the secondary organ in back of a dog’s nose that has been proven to detect many different kinds of cancers.

Dogs are surely incredible, loyal highly intelligent, life saving-police dog, and life guiding -as in an assistance dog.

We are constantly learning new intelligences that the dogs have. 

I remember seeing a story on 60 Minutes years ago where dogs were able to detect when their masters were coming home way ahead of time. In other instances, dogs almost miraculously found their way back home, even though the dogs were far away.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

July 27th 2017 at 9:23 p.m.

Image from Pinterest.

Dogs Are Great Sniffers Because They Have A Second “Nose” | @curiositydotcom


“The 10 Morning ROUTINES of Successful Entrepreneurs – with Post from Paulette Motzko: “Your Time, Balance, Sacred Space & Life Quality”

What you do in the morning is largely dependent upon what kind of person you are, and how long it takes for you to feel awake before you can go do something’ where you can be productive. 

That varies for every person, but one thing’s for sure, the best, most successful people in the world all allow themselves a minimum of 2 hours before they ever have their first appointment.

 I like way more than that personally. I wake up and I always say my morning prayers which are quite extensive, and I have a serious of meditations that I say without fail and exercises that I do that just make me feel so much better.

 Exercise not only affects your body but your mind is well and produces positive endorphins which are really wonderful.

 It’s been proven and scientific studies that exercise improves clarity, memory, sense of well being, increases your lifespan, cognitive function function, and decreases your odds of Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments.

Allow time for interpersonal communication on a regular basis too, which is equally important.

 Don’t just rely on the computer all the time because that’s not a substitution for people, and life and living.

 Some people live in a technological age where they have forgotten how to communicate with people and can’t even make a phone call to talk to somebody on the phone and forgotten how to do it!

 Some people have neglected themselves and their own personal life for so long that they haven’t any idea what balance is in their life and how to create a a work-life, personal life, and a spiritual life as well. All these things are equally important. 

Time for yourself and solitary life and as well as time with other people friends and family.

Create a balancing in your life and always give yourself time to think about what’s been going right in your life and use self-introspection that allows you to figure out what best you can do that day.

 Don’t just get up and move like a robot all the time. Allow yourself some time to really rethink what you’re doing, and if what you’re doing is really working to accomplish the goals that you were trying to achieve. 

Times are always changing and so, like the surfer on the wave, adjusting is wait depending on how the water is moving under him, we need to adjust what we do in life and react accordingly to it . The people who do the best in life adapt the best. 

You need to reevaluate what you do in order to get to that wonderful thing call the bullseye which is the achievement of your goals.

 It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy every step along the yellow brick road of life but it’s nice to give yourself time-your time, and no one else is time everyday. That time you carve out for yourself is essential and precious.

We all need our Sacred Space as we can’t live without it. Maybe you live without it or someone you know has lived without it. Encourage them to start changing their schedule so they can create more balance in their life and feel more fulfilled. 

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko on 

Sunday July 23rd 2017 at

 9:26 p.m.

Happy Parent’s Day 

We are all Living legacies of our parents before us, hoping to take from them the best of who they were and the qualities that they possessed.

I cherish the gifts of love and encouragement and the values that were set forth by both my parents, now in heaven together, and I will forever thank them for their love and giving me LIFE and setting forth the ” people first thing second mentality” that I carry with and always will as long as I live.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Photography bye Jackie Teeple and Paulette Motzko in the photo below.

Digital photo Arts by Paulette Motzko Copyright 2016.

May all your efforts bloom!

I will be planting new seedlings today and enjoying every moment of it. The miracle of nature is quite extraordinary. 

You are a living miracle too, just on a much larger scale.  

I hope all of your efforts become fruitful today and bloom!

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko and all photography and Digital Photo Arts by Paulette Motzko, Copyright 2017.

That delicious vacation feeling – everyday? From Ann-Christin Svard

The message is so true here. It’s easy to thrive when you’re on vacation or to have a good attitude when everything is going right, but that’s really not what thriving is all about. It’s about doing the best and flourishing in the environment you’re in. This great piece was written by Ann-Christin Svard.

I wish all the authors of  the blogs on WordPress would list their names.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

July 21st 2017 at 11:14 p.m.


Watch “God Himself Sent It To People:Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Liver-protector and Cancer-fighter” on YouTube

You will need about 17 minutes to watch this-mostly rolling text, but really interesting, to really absorb all the incredible benefits of Basil, which I had no idea. 

As an Italian-American of course I know how awesome the flavor of basil is in cooking.

 I’ve got some basil seeds that are non-GMO on the kitchen table in the kitchen because was going to plant them tomorrow. 

I didn’t realize that basil essential oil and also supplements were widely available too.

 When you listen and really think about all the various applications for this awesome herb, I think you’ll be impressed,

Especially when you see the research various countries have done on the medical applications of basil.

 I present this not as a doctor or saying that you have to do this of course, but instead, all the information that I present on TotallyInspiredMind.com is to educate, empower and enable you as an intelligent senscient adult, to make better qualified decisions and to let you know what some of your options are. If you have a chronic condition which there are many mentioned here, this could be an outlet for you and could possibly  lead you to something that could provide relief, or who knows, even a cure. 

If it did that for any of the almost 3,000 followers here, then it would be worth printing it. 

The backgrounds very so much with the people who are followers on this site are far-reaching: teachers, doctors, writers, painters, web developers, mothers and fathers all kinds of people from all walks of life.  I hope you enjoy learning about basil the fragrant emerald colored herb, as I did.
Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko on 

July 22nd, 2017 at 

12:51 midnight

Watch “Put Vinegar On Your Plants And This Will Happen” on YouTube

I know I made some friendly cleaners that contained white distilled vinegar and I included the recipes for the shower cleaner which works awesome. It works better faster than the chemicals that I was buying the were way more money and not as good for the environment. I just used at my last big bottle of white distilled vinegar but I didn’t know it did all these things in relation to gardening in the yard and. Once I think think about it my dad used to use a combination of water and vinegar to kill weeds and aunts and things like that that would get on a strawberries in the garden great I wish I had a picture of the garden he had because it was awesome. The huge Garden that he had on Perrin Drive and Garden Grove, the first house that we had when first we moved to California covered the entire backyard. He loved gardening that was his passion. If it wasn’t gardening it was cooking.

 In retrospect I think I’ve become a lot like him in so many ways.

Written and compiled by 

Paulette Motzko. July 22nd 2017 at 12:22 midnight

Watch “Bury An Egg In Your Garden Soil, What Happens Few Days Later Will Surprise You” on YouTube

For any of you who love gardening like I do, you will love the pointers on enriching the soil in simple ways.

I am planting all kinds of thing’s here and I love the concept of planting a raw egg buried in the pot which will act as a organic fertilizer over time. Egg shells will also work.  They even planted seedlings in egg shells and put them in the original egg carton. When they start growing, you simply plant them in the egg shell-and the shell, once again, acts like a fertilizer helping the small plant thrive. 

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

Cinema Paradiso by William Joseph

This is a beautiful symphonic piece in which the piano is the Superstar. I’ve never heard this version of Cinema Paradiso before and I’ve never heard of William Joseph before so once again Spotify expanse by world! I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

 Image from Zedge.

Visit The Currier Museum of Art with Jennie Fitzkee in her Fabulous Story: “The Art Museum”


So fantastic when I saw her latest post here. I feel like I was going to the museum with her the way she wrote it and show the pictures. Thanks for letting me travel with you to New Hampshire to The Currier Museum of Art! I love the delicate, brushstrokes in the art of Claude Monet and the beautiful girl with dark hair that appears in almost all of Renoir’s paintings.

 I have a passion for all the music and art in the French Impressionistic period.

I hope you enjoy ” traveling without travel lung to New Hampshire” courtesy of Jenny Fitzkee of A Teacher’s Reflections blog, and her wonderful story I share with you all here at the link. 

I hope you all have a blessed evening.

Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 20th 2017 at 9:19 p.m.

Share One of Your Absolute Favorite Places and Share Why it is …

Me in the photo I took of myself when I was playing with my brand new Galaxy Note 4 phablet the day after I got it a year ago. 

I had just got my eye exam at the beautiful LensCrafters-in Boca Park on the gorgeous side of town. 

There were so many architectural high points there in the Fashion District. I had a ball walking all over the place, discovering new places  and taking pictures that day. 

Thank God for Facebook and the Memory app that they have built into it. They shared the original versions of these a few days ago.

I hadn’t seen these pictures and a long time. I reinvented many of them with new digital photo editing software that I hadn’t discovered back then.

I wish that the WordPress Web platform would allow you, the reader, to upload your photos with your comments to every post.  That would be awesome.

Written by Paulette L. Motzko and Photographs by Paulette L.Motzko.

Copyright 2017, Paulette Le Pore Motzko,  PLM Studios

Watch “Kaori Fujii & Eric Cecil: Ave Maria by C. Gounod / 藤井香織&E.シーセル: アヴェ・マリア [グノー]” on YouTube

One of the most beautiful,  peaceful songs ever written performed by flute and classical guitar by two musicians who are  connected to their instruments, as though they are extension’s of themselves.

Writhen and compiled by Paulette Motzko.


Dream a Little Dream by Beautiful South and Stellar Day Wishes For You

Have a stellar day and I hope you accomplish every you set your mind to do.

I had to go to my doctor yesterday on the other side of town, and walked about 2 miles,  according to my Pacer app. I also discovered a fantastic library that I’d open late on week days close to where I live I never knew about that has a beautiful view, huge charging stations and knowledgeable generous kind people who work there. 

It will be nice to do my gardening and other house related projects, and rest my feet from yesterday. 

Image photographed and created by Paulette Motzko, 

PLM Studios, Copyright 2016.

Paulette Motzko

The Moon is Made of Gold by Rickie Lee Jones

I haven’t heard this song since I dated the Cuban Guy-who I keep anoymous-after my divorce.  I remember he found that song and thought of me as we watched the beautiful sun sets in Newport Beach. Too bad he was so jealous and possessive of everything I did; those qualities were permanently engraved in his DNA, which is why I said no to marriage. After all, in 6 years of dating someone,  if they  trust you by then they never will.
Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Venture Out, Make New Friends and Make Your Dearest Dreams Become Real

The photos are of me-Paulette Le Pore Motzko-late yesterday at my favorite local mall where it’s cool, even in spite of 115 degree temperatures. 

I got the hat I am wearing on Amazon Prime Now and it kept me super cool, which keeps me way healthier and happier and it doesn’t blow off my head when I garden outside or am walking around town.

It’s from a company called SLOGGERS. It’s made of 65% paper and 35% polyester and I’ve never seen anything like it before.  How cool it is literally to find a product that is good for the environment and good for me too. I love stuff like that! It’s what I call a Triple-Winning Product. 

 The hat gives those who wear it 50 UPF so it protects you from all the sun’s damaging rays. Believe me, the high desert is brutal.  If the high winds and dryness doesn’t dry your skin out, there are some of the brightest rays of sun in Las Vegas. 

My eye doctor told me when I first moved here to immediately change to polarized sunglasses because the rays in the high desert are far more fierce than where I come- from which is Southern California. The hat helped me deal with the heat way better. You see, I passed out after going to church on Sunday due to the 115 degree temperature’s and I wanted to stop that from happening again.  Eating my meals exactly on time to keep my blood sugar level is imperative, as well as taking my vitamins and amino acids too.

There are so many times where no sooner will I pray for something, and within hours or less, I will find it was answered somehow. 

I always am doing everything in my ability to make my dreams and prayers come true, of course, and I believe God is my partner in life. 

God and I work as a team together to hopefully help as many people as possible and far reaching ways with the skills and abilities that I possess.

 Whether it’s empowering or educating or enlightening; those are keywords in My DNA that make up who I am. 

 I get the most enjoyment out of that finding other people’s  true potential. 

I ran into some young small business owners yesterday who ran an aromatherapy and fragrance company. I gave them a few pointers on what I learned to help me run my business better and more efficiently and things that I thought would help them market their products in an eye catching and memorable way. 

Barcelona Takes Back Its Streets With “Superilles” Super Blocks from Curiosity.com

Barcelona Takes Back Its Streets With “Superilles” or Super Blocks @curiositydotcom

I love this concept that Barcelona has incorporated and it makes it so that there are play areas and open spaces where pedestrians and people can live without worrying about cars running them over.

 Las Vegas, Nevada could use places like Barcelona Spain has incorporated into their big, overpopulated city. 

Drivers drive so crazy here, Las Vegas, and they’re not ever watching what they’re doing. If drivers are not playing with their cell phones they’re drinking too much, or not yielding or paying attention.  There are tons of pedestrian fatalities yearly here too.

I love the concept of Super Blocks. 

How so you feel about them?

Written by Paulette Motzko.

July 15th, 2017 at 10:10 p.m.


Croatia’s Incredible and Beautiful Sea Organ Makes Music From The Waves from Curiosity.com

Croatia’s Sea Organ Makes Music From The Waves | @curiositydotcom

Images found on Pinterest of the extraordinary Sea Organ in Zadar.

I listen to the sound file that’s in the story link and I’ve never seen or heard anything like this it’s amazing! I hope you enjoy this one!

Text Written & Shared by Paulette Motzko on July 15, 2017 at 9:47 p.m.

Updated 9:54 p.m.


Lovin’ Life by The Jive Aces 

All you have to do is play this sing a few times and it will become a self fulfilling prophecy song if you sing with it and sincerely count your blessings and sing….

I’m loving life and life’s loving me

I’m loving life and life love and me

Written and compiled by

 Paulette Le Pore Motzko on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at

 3:40 p.m.

Donate Your Old Clothes and Old Furniture to Charity at DonationTown.org

Written and Compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright July 2017.

Your old, unused and outdated clothes could mean clothes on a poor person’s back and survival for somebody else.

 I’ve been going through everything in my house and asking myself:

 Do I really want this

 Do I love this do?

Do I need this? 

The other magic question is-

 Does it give me joy?

 If can say no to even a few of those questions, I seriously consider giving that item a new home.

After all everything we own needs maintenance and care and that involves our time and our money period in really think about stuff that way when I was younger but now when I have to dust everything I better love it!

If it gives me the least bit of “bad vibes” as I call it or an unpleasant thought comes to my mind of maybe someone who gave it to me -I got rid of it.

 I mean I’m not trying to impress anybody except myself, and I’m the Queen of my Castle, right?

 So I am going to be donating my couch and my love seat and an antique table to charity. I tried to call Salvation Army yesterday and spoke to two people, and would you believe they don’t pick up in my area?

Kind of a stupid rule they’ve got, because there’s tons of people who would love to donate their merchandise whatever it is, and they convinced sell it or give it and then if they do sell it for anything they can use it for services which are badly needed especially here. 

There are homeless people everywhere it seems. I wish she wasn’t that way. 

But, you can take things that you don’t want anymore, and with this phenomenal website, all you do is put your ZIP code in and it will take you to page where you can fill out what exactly you’re donating.

 Soon the things that were once unused and forgotten will be someone else’s treasure. 

I swear to you can be a treasure to someone else.


Sometimes you have to just let go and see what happens

Have you been think about making a decision in your life?

Maybe you’ve put it off and waited so long that you think it’s not important anymore, but chances are it probably is. 

One way that helps me today (and helped my ex-husband the rocket scientist) the King of Logic Thinking…almost.

When I problem solving today I evaluate what I am working towards in this way.

 I simply write out all the things that could go right if I did it and what I am working on came true.

Then, on the flip side, I write out the things that might go wrong.

 I usually find that there are very few things that could go wrong  and you’ll find that all the things that could go right far outweigh anything that could possibly go wrong or not being your favor.

 Another thing that helps crystallize and clarify  what you’re working on  is  to think about what are the odds that that anything adverse would happen.

 One in a zillion, one in a zillion? Once you look at the odds, it makes it so much easier to boldly go for it  and try and realize your dreams.

Most times, you’ll find that the deck is stacked in your favor.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Image from Zedge.com.

“Fabulous Swing Kid” by Take Five

To get the full effect of any of these you need to pipe them through your Bluetooth speakers or a good stereo system to really hear all orchestral arrangements and really appreciate how fantastic these are done.

May each thing you do work put effortlessly and I hope you can integrate some fun and joy with your work too.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

Friday July 14th 2017 at 1 p.m.

“The Maestro” by Caro Emerald: The World Needs More Music and Love and Less Bickering

Never in my 55 years living on this earth have I heard any of the songs that I shared with all of you, and they are all fantastic.

The World Needs More Music  And Love. …..

And less bickering and less Twitter and Facebook and more Voice to Voice and Face to Face,  and that almost extinct thing called real conversation with genuine people.

If the president played beautiful great melodies to the people causing wars,  and blowing people up, they might find out how alike we are. ( I’m saying this facetiously but not really there’s a lot of truth to it.) 

We all love great food, great music and so many are underloved. 

I wish we would do something, anything, other than resort to war and bombs. Any way to communicate is a good thing.

Just saying this….

Dough -Re – MI by Lionel Hampton

I am so happy I trained Spotify to play a bunch of Feel Good Happy Upbeat Songs. These are in a new playlit and are being added to my walking and exercise play list too.
I hope that the ones that I am discovering along with you….give yout some joy and take you out of your funk,  if your in one……..

And instead make you dance!

 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Singing Why Me? This will put a lilt in your step for sure! 

I definitely would rate this one the number one feel good song of the day, probably the weekmaybe the year!

I remember when I was married to the rocket scientist, we used to go to Tower Records on Beach Boulevard in Buena Park in Orange County, California and these guys were playing …..

 I asked the guy who ran the music playlist at the time, who it was and they exclaimed “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy”, which I thought was a pretty odd name for a group but then again they play jazzy music with a retro look and feel.

 I start buying everything they made; these guys are cool.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

Friday July 14th 2017 at 12:17 p.m.

Spotify is pretty incredible because you can play anything you want on command for free, which beats the hell out of what I was doing years ago, paying 20 a piece for each CD.

I love my DVDs and CDs and they were worth it hundred percent.

 As long as you have a smart device, smartphone, and Spotify you can have them for free and a smile on your face too courtesy of me!

Paulette Motzko Shared “Daily Readings From The Power of I Am” by Joel Osteen”, The Power & Freedom with Google Play Books 

I absolutely love Google Play books and I quite a vast library of books that would have cost me a venerable fortune if I would have bought off a bookstore shelf.

Image photographed and created by Paulette L. Motzko,  PLM Studios, Las Vegas Nevada

Copyright July 2017

Also, another benefit of the Google Play Books technology is that you can have the book read to you while you’re doing something else, you can take notes while you’re reading it and most of the better-known books have the feature where you can turn on the feature that says “Read Aloud.” The beauty of it is you can bookmark outline any part of the book you want. You can control the size of the font, and for me I have it bumped up to the max because I wear Progressive bifocals.

I think my vision now is as bad as what a my ex-husband- the rocket scientist was- when I married him. It comes from just reading and age and a whole variety of things, close-up work, computer work, of which I’ve done my share of.

I bought The Writer’s  Market 2017  and also The Photographer’s Market 2017 ebook Editions for the first time and it’s awesome because the books are. I can have access to any of the things on either those two massive big, very informative trade journals anywhere I go and they don’t weigh anything and I don’t have to carry them in a huge bag like I used to so all these things make it pretty wonderful.

I do love a book with a cover though, and I will never stop buying them or advocating them they also will never go out of print as long as writers like me keep riding and photographers like me keep shooting photographs that immortalize extraordinary moments captured for all time.

 There are some books that if filled with really extraordinary pictures that I want in book form. 

You just have to decide what works for you and if it’s largely text, which this particular book is, it doesn’t really matter if you get it the “book with cover” book or this version.

This book that the link goes to is fantastic for any Christian person, along with the first book that I read from Joel Osteen that I discovered on Pinterest.

 That book is called “I Declare” by Joel Osteen and I believe it’s been printed and every country in the world. 

Another awesome aspect of Google Play books is you can get a free sample of any book in the world. Did you know that?

 Most people don’t know that. 

 I make it my point to know stuff like that. So you can get a free sample today for free of this book and any other one you want for that matter if you don’t like it you can live in the contents you can take a look at it then you don’t need to buy it but you’ve got some of it. Night recommended you’ll be better off having read the few pages that they give you for free than you were before.

 I would say that Joel Osteen is probably the most inspiring writer of our time along with Max Lucado, Louise Hay, and Joan Borysenko.

I went to one of us performances with his wife when he was here in Las Vegas few months back.

If I was to say what books would I recommend that are life-changing and will begin  changing your life overnight by changing the way you view about your life, your family, God, and higher power and your role in this world.

 I would recommend through Google Play Books. 

(I can’t stand Kindle because of all of the ads that come up constantly on it.)

There are no ads -ever any ads -on Google Play Books. It is a book- and thank God the Google people have kept it that way. They’re  not trying to sell you anything on Google Play Books; it is a literary work in a very savvy, lightweight , incredible technological medium.

When my first book is printed, when it’s printed into an ebook, after getting my ISBN number and my copyright excetera -I would want it to be on Google Play Books, because I now know how crappy the Kindle system is. It‘s awesome if you like ads but I don‘t and I don‘t want people paying for my book and getting a bunch of crappy ads.

 Also every book in the public domain is available free of charge on Google Play books.

 So, if your kids have to do a book report on the Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, for God’s sake don’t by Cliff Notes because it’s all available on Google Play books for free! 

That was done by Google several years ago and it was groundbreaking because the Google people wanted to see that information, education, and classic works like public domain books were made available to all people. They registered those books as historical documents. 

And I say Thank You to Google for being extraordinary and for thinking in those ways, because it took some years to get all of the legal permissions to make that possible. Two large extended made education and books free, or at least cheaper, making them more accessible to everyone no matter where they lived in the world.

 It’s really extraordinary because I was looking for Helen Keller’s book entitled “Optimism” which is what lead me to Google Play Books.

 I went to I don’t know how many bookstores and nobody carried it and couldn’t order it. 

I went to 12 libraries and all the copies were checked out! ThenI found it on Google Play Books in an almost miraculous way. 

I will never forget opening it for the first time and seeing a literal picture of the book, that someone scanned, and it opened up, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. 


 WHEN YOU read something by HELEN KELLER Keller YOU ARE FOREVER ENLIGHTENED. It is so ironic that someone who could not see or hear can Enlighten and inspire all of the seeing or not saying world.

She was and will always be my heroine and who first inspired me as a recently diasnosed 9 year old girl with epilepsy. I got her book about her life on a book drive that Simmons School in Garden Grove had  and I knew that if she could do what she did  with what she was dealt with I could do anything. That combined with my mother’s extraordinary wisdom,  cheerleading,  and being the kind of person that she was , my Ann Sullivan, if you will  helped me deal with what I  had to do with  until Tegretol at age 14 was invented and then Vimpat by UCB many years later.

Who better to write about optimism than Helen Keller right?  She was the Paragon of optimism in my book.

When I read “Optimism” on Google Play Books, I was astounded by her extraordinary knowledge about philosophy and logic, and her extraordinary descriptions sounded as though she seen or heard.

(If any of you reading this don’t know who Helen Keller was she was blind and deaf and her world opened when her teacher Anne Sullivan came into her world from Gallaudet University. Miss Anne Sullivan explained to her in a literal self-discovery process, that every thing in her world had a meaning. W-A-T-E-R fingerspelled in her hand was the word that became the turning point for everything that would follow in the many books that would be in print by her. It is a great example of every action has a chain reaction in life.

 Check out Google Play Books and your world will open like a flower.

Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

July 12th, 2017 at 4:21 p.m.; updated 4:37 p.m.

Daily Readings from The Power of I Am, Joel Osteen.