Entrepreneur: Advice for Uber From Branson, Cuban and Others

This piece of news largely is about Uber, which is Lyft competitor.

I personally used Uber one day and destroyed it off my Galaxy Note 4 the same day because the app was prehistoric by comparison to Lyft.  

I was just one mile from my place, and it said it would take 30 minutes for a driver to get to me! That was 30 minutes late at night I wasn’t willing to wait for.  I had already taken Lyft and liked it  and so I just call it and they were there in 3 minutes. 

I took Uber to get where I was going, just to try it out, and the person behind the wheel was not friendly. So, can say I did use Uber once them just to see what what it was like. The one ride and I got to experience, was enough Uber for me! There’s really no competition between  Lyft and Uber because  lift is far superior  in so many ways.

I took Uber to  get where I was going, but after that, I never want to take a second ride.

I rate Uber’s customer service rating 1 out of 10- 10 being best. Uber doesn’t do the kind of background check and criminal check that Lyft does either.  The thing that I didn’t like most about Uber was when I installed their app and looked at it, they immediately asked for your bank card number or a credit card number or something. They don’t explain how the service works, they don’t tell you anything about the program and they just want your money, (which in Las Vegas would be a pretty stupid thing to just hand over!)
So, after sharing my personal info about the difference between Lyft and Uber, read the advice that very bright business leaders gave Uber concerning recent news stories about Uber.

Text written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

June 18th 2017 at 6:48 a.m.

Entrepreneur: Advice for Uber From Branson, Cuban and Others. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw0K-x2zk