Beautifully Defined on Networx: What to do When Your Plants Bolt & The Garden Miracle

Tomorrow some non GMO organic vegetable seeds will be arriving from Amazon – wonderful ones I love that are so great for me like spinach, kale, fancy buttercrunch lettuce, and carrots that I can grow in the right conditions in the Southwest desert by controlling their environment.

Seeing living things grow around me adds a wonderful fresh touch to my life. When my dozen baby cacti arrived I ran out of pots to put them all in, so I found a plastic salsa server, and added clay pebbles to help the soil aerate, and used an organic succulent mix that has all the nutrients needed for the cacti to thrive. Now the three cacti live harmoniously  together in something that I didn’t really even care for before, and thought of giving away from lack of use.

 Now they have given New Life to something that was really not even appreciated before….

If you are a creative person, and even if you aren’t, by nurturing beautiful living things, it will teach you patience, A Gentle Touch, and you can enjoy the Miracle of Living and watch a tiny seed turn into something that’s quite extraordinary. 

I used to garden all the time in all my houses when I was married in Southern California. This is the first attempt in the hot, windy desert.

 Gardening is therapeutic. If you have high blood pressure try gardening, I bet it will help you lower it naturally without medicine.

 I had little seedlings germinating all over the place in custard cups when I lived in my big house in Orange, California, and remember how happy I was planting the daffodils around the Lily of the Nile plants and the crocus that would come up first in the spring.

There were lots of trees all around my neighborhood and so there were lots of birds and I had feeders put all over the house, it made for a really nice ambience.

 The growing process is quite a fascinating and miraculous thing.

 I found that the birds now sing me a serenade on my balcony and come and say hello in the morning. The more flora and fauna that you have around your place the more beautiful living creatures want to be around it.

Even if you just find out what grows in your area, and then just get one plant to nurture, it’s pretty rewarding. Succulents and bulbs are very easy to plant and care for.

Keep fresh herbs in your kitchen and a little plant to liven up your work space. 

Written by Paulette Motzko.

Images coming soon by Paulette Motzko.
June 10th 2017 at 7:38 a.m.; Updated at 12:20 p.m.

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