Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily: May 7th, 2017 Issue


 (Paulette Le Pore Motzko and Ramon Lea Le Pore) The last Thanksgiving I was able to spend with Mom. 

Image created by Paulette L. Motzko.

There have been so many medical advances in treating Alzheimer’s disease since I was taking care of Mom. Some of the newest medical discoveries is the use of medical marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease.

Decreasing sugar in one’s diet has recently been shown to make a significant improvements in those with Alzheimer’s disease some studies, and even prevent 

There are so many diseases that I would like to wipe off the face of the earth. I wish I could. Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and arthritis are four of the biggest ailments to me they would love to help eradicate with research dollars.

 Even knowing that I was speaking out about it, educating others and making an impact in a positive way for others means the world to me.

Written by Paulette Motzko.

May 7th, 2017 at midnight

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