Everyone has the right to believe what they feel strongly about as long as it doesn’t hurt another person or people at large

TRUMP it said things instant things that go against everybody’s civil rights and against what America stood for since the beginning. Why is he president then? Why are we allowing him to be president if what he’s doing is thrashing cultures and communities, national landmarks, women, gay rights, not to mention taking away insurance benefits from disabled people like me. DONALD TRUMP STANDS AGAINST everything worthy and noble ans would leave a lasting Legacy. Instead his Republican white supremist views are killing our country. I truly believe that Trump hates everybody that isn’t white or Republican door doesn’t show the viewpoints of treating everyone fairly no matter who you are whatever race color creed you are that’s what we need is a president not what we’ve got. I’m asking you my readers about three thousand of them now, what is needed to impeach president Donald Trump? Let’s get it going and let’s start doing it and take back our country and the rights of everyone in it I can’t stand watching the news it upsets me.

2 thoughts on “Everyone has the right to believe what they feel strongly about as long as it doesn’t hurt another person or people at large

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