Picture Test Successful for TotallyInspiredMind.com: Our WordPress Rights 

I just got off the chat with what seems like hundreds of “Happiness Engineers” with WordPress.com.

 After doing research about the company Automattic Inc., and discovering the headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, it looks like they put more work into the pictures than they obviously do their customer service policies. 

Currently WordPress.com doesn’t care about voice-to-voice conversations or building one-on-one relationships with the key contributors, writers, photographers and entrepreneurs  who contribute to the WordPress.com Empire . They should  care, and hopefully they will update and improve your customer service in the future.

WordPress.com should create a phone call service for people who have VIP accounts like I do. If you invested YOUR TIME and MONEY in either a Business Plan or Premium Plans as I have, you do way more than blog all day or sit on Twitter and Facebook looking to see who is following who. Reconciling things in a professional and efficient fashion should go hand in hand with all the plans, including the free ones.

I told “Jerry D” that if they didn’t get all of my websights up and “totally functioning” properly,  making it so I can upload pictures again, I would contact the Better Business Bureau of San Francisco California. I also have a deadline of 4 p.m. yesterday late afternoon. I was able to upload photos again yesterday by that 4 p.m. too. 

I pay high fees yearly on all of my websites to have the Html and Java Scripting  Super Intelligent Guys and Gals at the WordPress.com Web development team do the “back end” creating user friendly websites that I can edit and modify.

I do the front end work,  which is most of the web content and the pictures, relevant news stories,  motivational quotes,  inspiring true stories, and pages that hopefully make you think , make you want to  share your own stories and develop new friends who are also positive and Triple Winners who care about the Big Picture of this world.  That’s why I chose wordpress.com vs. WordPress.org,  and to be able to reblog other people’s web stories.

 I told the WordPress.com people I wanted my web blogs Totally Functing the way I paid for them to so I go back to doing what I do best  Dash  inspiring others,  empowering other people to do higher and greater things, and hopefully thinking in new and more promising , positive ways.  As I uploaded the picture you see of me taken by me at Cardenas Supermarket in Las Vegas , Nevada it uploaded for the first time in several days.

Mind you every one of my sites would not upload images for many days and many were not reflecting the domain name changes I bought and paid for. 

I listed them all, one after another.

I wish they would have acted like we were sorry about all the inconvenience, sorry about their mistakes sorry about the domains not being updated always thinks I never heard of which that also doesn’t impress me as a company.

Great companies always communicate how much they appreciate their best customers, and If anything goes wrong with their company, technical, administrative or otherwise, they’re supposed to apologize for it it.

A great company always make amends for any problems that are directed back to them, and tries and make it right and keep their reputation stellar.  That was a key missing ingredient here, but the word press  happiness Engineers finally did hear me and they took me seriously which is why it was fixed. If I hadn’t been the person I am and hadn’t stood up for myself and my rights as a consumer, and everybody been done   They definitely don’t have the customer service of let’s say Walmart or T-Mobile.

(I still have gotten no apologies of any sort in regards to them nearly destroying TotallyInspiredMind.com  because they wanted to bill me again for my yearly  business plan fees. That doesn’t impress me with this company. I still have yet to find out who the president and wordpress.com or Automattc Inc. is. Anybody can find that out let me know.)

 I know the kind hearted, bright and talented people reading this now  love the web blogs we lovingly created from nothing and enjoy seeing our brainchild grow and flourish and change with the seasons, right along with us. We also need to be wise and make sure we all are getting what we pay for and that it operates properly too.

 I don’t want to move all my web sites elsewhere but I also don’t want continual computer glitches either.

If I pay a lot of money for something I want every service and function to work, which is exactly what you would want. This is, after all, a business and we are the customers.

 I’m looking to monetize every one of my web sites so I want them to work the sites to load in a timely fashion.  I am always playing around with the look of all my sites to find a happy balance of their esoteric look and the ease of reading and timely image loading and other plug ends. 

 So if you ever deal with WordPress.com in the future, make you explain, in a very direct fashion what your problem is, and explain it in detail. 

Also don’t allow them to bump you countless people who dont read and do research on what the names  well your domains are and what kind of plan you’re paying for.  make sure you know what you’re supposed to be getting for what you pay for too.

all they were doing we’re just looking at texts on that chatting screen until I said for God’s sake will you read what I’m writing?  Quit just typing and will you listen and absorb every sentence of what I am saying?

then, when I said that they started listening and actually hearing what I was saying.

The Next Step was to address how they were going to fix it and when.

Although not one of them ever followed up with a direct solution to my many problems caused by their neglegence, saying how they would fix it, they did by me being direct and specific and expecting action.

 Every time I  had to explained my situation to a new person-adding my fuel to my already annoyed state of mind.

 That kind of communication-impersonal, take forever texting- is a highly unprofessional communication medium for a company who has built the kind of following Automattic has, with now countless paying customers all over the world.

 Just for the record, just know that with any company-if you are getting no where resolving your problems, you can consult with the Better Business Bureau in the same county and city and state that the company is located. They will investigate it for you and take it over. 

That’s what I would have done if this picture did not upload. I have the address and phone number saved on Evernote just in case I ever need it, but something tells me, with customers like me, and you, I hopefully won’t need to call them.

It looks like I guess they finally listened to what I said and finally took me seriously.

Automattic Inc. realizes that they are running a company not a circus and all the bloggers who chose to host their writing and photos and videos on their WordPress.com platform have every right to expect and demand what we all pay for and that what we pay for works!



Some were profane bleeped words, but most were not and all of the correspondence could have been streamlined to one very  relaxed  phone call voice to voice  that would have been reconciled in about 10 minutes.

I hope the President of Automattic Incorporated, whoever he or she is, reads this and takes it to heart. I hope WordPress.com realizes there is merit in what I have expressed here. When YOU CAN TRANSFORM A  3 WEEK LONG, VERY STRESSFUL SAGA into a 10 minute phone call -and fix multiple technical and incorrect billing issues in an inexpedient fashion- that‘s the time that word press starts thinking about creating a 24hour phone call in service for all of its key customers so that they can make sure that they‘re giving them what they pay for and build an excellent communication with every person who contributes to the Automattic Inc. Empire.

 Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

April 9th and 10th 2017 at 12:48 p.m.