If Life Were A Movie I Will Tell You Do It Right The First Time-from 2014 with 2017 Pictorial 

If Life Were a Movie I Will Tell You Do It Right The First Time Because There are No Retakes & You C… – http://wp.me/p2l665-1Z3

I hadn’t read this in quite some time but I always saw the story come up as number one on the top 10 on Totally Inspired Mind.

Even though I was going though a lot of turmoil and changes in 2014, I still was filled with hope, striving relentlessly on my goals and dreams and full of inspiration. 

 As one of the best epileptoligists in southern California said, “God made you special”. That doctor was Dr. William Suthering in Pasadena at The Brain Mapping Center.

He was the 1st to ever show how small the damage in the temperol region in my brain was. Then he said- “you know your language ability is how articulate you are and how you have a photographic memory, and how you can play music and write songs how you can create recipes?

 This is because the area of your brain that controls the creative centers in those areas of the memory centers are larger than most people. 

I wouldn’t want to operate on you if you paid me to because it coup ruin all the special things about you.”  All the other doctors wanted to operate on me at the time. God gave you far more than He ever take away.”

I tell you all that  story because the most valuable thing you’ll ever carry with you is your attitude.

 Even though I’ve almost died five times in my life and I used to be in a wheelchair power scooter, something I called the Chariot of Fire, I didn’t let it all stop me.  I always pushed forward and thought progress  my progress, progress! 

I developed a scooter with a 20 mile radius, along with Health Net, my insurance at the time. It was my wheels to freedom. It  was my car and I could do anything I wanted when I wanted, within reason.

 Vimpat, that I take now wasn’t invented yet. Vimpat is the single most successful drug ever created for a partial seizures in the world- with the highest success rate over 90% success rate and very few side effects.

UCB created Vimpat, and was legalized in the United States and I’ve been on it ever since.

I discovered it in a neurology magazine in the office of my doctor at the time, Barbara Swartz in Newport Beach. Being that I’ve been using big words since I was 9 years old, I asked her why don’t we try this with Tegretol as an adjunct therapy?  She thought my idea was a great one and the two would go together really well…and so a new life was born-my life.

Life is like a blank coloring book and you put in the colors of how interesting how beautiful how wonderful you are going to make it period only you can do it and only you can paint pictures in your life and only you can alter whatever situation you’re in.
Have a phenomenal day and figure out ways that you can “color your world” like the words in  a song do you can look back an sat you really lived. .. making the most of every ability you possess and every talent that God gave you and putting any disability on the back burner as though it doesn’t even exist.

If God was a poker dealer-buy He’s not- it doesn’t matter that you think your cards are losing cards. Many times, with the right ingenuity, that losing hand wins the game and you beat the odds. You can show that it can be done…no matter dealing with or what you’re striving for.

Witten by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

 Sunday, February 26 2017 at

 1:37 p.m.

Updated 7:21 p.m

Me, Paulette Le Pore Motzko last night getting a great cup of decaf at the Dennys in the Fiesta Rancho Casino last night. I am never alone very long wherever I go.  

Had  a wonderful and healthy dinner at the buffet of War Won Ton Soup and a stir fry with zucchini,  water chestnuts, emerald green broccoli, lots of minced garlic,  carrots and chicken. ….

My friends, chefs Romeo and Leo outdid themselves.