Chinese Lunar Calendar

Infographic image from the Perth Mint Australia. Found on Pinterest. 

Photos of the Bellagio Conservatory the Chinese New Year 2016 by Paulette Motzko, Copyright 2016, PLM Studios.

Compiled by Paulette Motzko. January 28th 2017 at 7:53 a.m. 

I was born in the year of the ox and what it says about me is pretty true.

 What animal represents the year you were born?

 Does it sound accurate about the description of the qualities that animal and you possess?

 I’m American and I don’t really celebrate the Chinese New Year but many people here in Las Vegas do. 

The Bellagio decorates the conservatory big time every year and prepares weeks in advance to do it and it’s really extraordinary. Chinese and people come from all over the world come to see  and celebrate  all the festivities here in Las Vegas for the Chinese New Year.

The reason the photos are not folks is because I can’t find them in my sub directoris yet. I will though.

Written by Paulette Motzko.

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