Trump will order wall built: Paulette Motzko on Trump

Trump will order wall built today, but it’s not that simple

There are a million things we could have done as a Nation- other than building a physical wall. Trump doesn’t know how to communicate with other Representatives from other countries, or even try to work towards World Peace or better negotiations. 

With an already outlandish deficit, who is paying for the stupid wall I ask? 

Has anyone ever really answered that? No. 

Trump wants Mexico to pay for it but are they? 

Is that really something that would benefit that country? 

Is it something that’s really even realistic? I say no again.

In my humble opinion, Trump makes decisions in one second doesn’t think them out. He doesn’t think about the big picture and doesn’t think about what the repercussions are about the decisions he makes. Even after owning all his supposed businesses, he us an ignorant, rude, not triple winbing man. I call Trump a Triple Loser. Not only is he stupid but he does not care but he thinks he‘s always right and never wants to learn and doesn‘t even admit when he‘s  wrong, even when he‘s committed crimes against women that are so disgusting it makes a reasonable person want to vomit.

 Trump doesn’t think he just orders. That’s not how you run a country made up of every nationality that exists. Our cultural differences and traditions are what make us great.

 I wish our president of the United States would realize that  the money that they authorize to spend should be well thought out and not credited by allowing other countries to just own more and more of are national landmarks. If we keep operating on that idiotic mindset we won’t own anything in the future and China and Russia and other countries will own the United States of America; it won’t be ours anymore. It will cease to be great and wonderful and be permanenrly ruined. 

Just because people didn’t know how to spend wisely or make intelligent choices that affect everyone for all generations, we as Americans should have to pay the high prices.

The wall is ridiculous and I see the talk about it everywhere on the news everyday. 

This is my sound off about it all.

It’s sad and pathetic and even though Trump is a supposed great business guy, he’s really a hideous human being. That makes him, to me, I’m not successful person. You can have money and you can have Towers it’s a trump on them and you can have diamonds and you can have a thousand blonde women but you call wives and when you get sick of those you can buy another. But you can’t have respect and you can’t have a reputation that’s something that people can respect and look up to.

Trump”s reputation and Trump’s Integrity needs to be as high as the Trump building I see in downtown Las Vegas- but it’s not. If Trump’s integrity was a building, I’d say it was a shack.

If Trump’s care for other people, and understanding and sensitivity to other people’s races could be compared to in size of its existence, his compassion for others who would be the size of one pea in a pod.

In so many ways Trump is a horrible human being and I’m so sorry he’s president. I wish he could have been thrown out of the running just because he committed crimes before going in office. Travesties against women and against the Civil Rights of about every race were done. 

Isn’t there something someone else in power could have done to throw him out of the race?

American citizen should have something called quality control just like an engineering firm does. If they don’t like all the contenders they should be able to throw it out, and just say that give me somebody else that’s honest and trustworthy. Give me somebody that didn’t commit treason against the United States of America. Give me somebody that didn’t rape and pillage.

Unfortunately, the most on honest contenders withave the highest integrity factors in the race didn’t rate that highly in the voting polls.

I wasn’t intending to be so political or so opinionated in this post, but hey that’s what makes the world great. I know that I have a lot of supporters who feel the same exact way as I do, especially women and especially very good-hearted people. Absolutely not one of my intelligent friends who are kind-hearted, good people- who care about the world and the environment like or voted for him.

 The reason why? Trump is the polar opposite of a good human being. Children can see right through his Brash and rude exterior. In the matter what, kids can’t lie they are totally honest.

 Trump doesn’t preserve nature he goes out and kills it and hangs it up on a wall for all to see. 

Trump doesn’t stand for women’s rights but instead  he rapes, assaults and  insults them on national television and demeans them. 

Trump doesn’t look out for the betterment of the United States of America or any other nationality but tries to divide us and create stupid barriers that have never been done before in history.

 I wish that we could change the way we run the country and I wish someone somewhere and our nation could look down and all of those hideous disgusting things that Trump has done and thrown him oUT of office based on his many character flaws. 

If I was the sum of one word  where Trump is concerned that gives me joy it’s called impeachment.

I’d be one of the first to go start the impeachment process. Anybody else agree with me? 

Does any of my other followers on Totally Inspired Mind agree with what I’m saying and echoes my feelings? 

If so, I’ll look into what it takes to impeach him and I’m not kidding! 

Until next time, be blessed and I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend. 

I bought a ticket to go hear Joel Osteen and his wife at The TMobile arena.  It should be really empowering.  I read 3 of his books every day. 
 Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

September 27th 2017

 10:36 a.m.

11:02 a.m.

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