What is Your One Word?

My friend Evan Carmichael has a fabulous YouTube Channel called Believe Life. His new book I ordered on Google books on a preorder is fantastic called Your One Word. I bought mine on Google Play Books.

He has you rethink and revamp and analyze what you do in your life,  not merely from a business standpoint, but from the point of feeling rewarded. He has a contest going tonight on his YouTube channel for the last few hours of this year to share some of your artwork and incorporate your One Word into it.

 It takes some TIME and THOUGHT to figure out what your one word is. Thinking never heard anybody though! More people should do more of it! 

I created this one from a special a montage of my mother with special words that she told me as I was growing up and throughout my life. 

MyOne word is……..


I sent the link to my Zenfolio gallery to Evan and hopefully my one word and this photographic creation will inspire others for years to come. 


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