Watch “Amy Grant – I Need A Silent Night” on YouTube

As I put away my Chinese lefovers of Budda”s Delight I heard this extraordinary sing play on YouTube Red. Listen to the words if this song and really listen to them and try and live the words hearing the angels voice she sings of. I hope we can all find TIME to spend with those who matter most. 

Written by Paulette L Motzko

December 30th, 2016 6:50 p.m.

Watch “Andrea Bocelli – Silent Night” on YouTube

Beautiful version of Silent Night from the great Andrea Bocelli. 

I don’t know if it’s sung in German or if it’s sung in Italian -but I do know one thing for sure – it is gorgeous. 

 I wish you all a very peaceful, wonderful New Year to all who reads this sentence.

 As the song plays I pray for World Peace and that discord be eradicated and one day people realize we are all the SAME.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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December 30th 2016 at 1:54 p.m.

Watch “Celine Dion – So This Is Christmas (Eng. Subs)” on YouTube
A very blessed holiday season and a happy new year. 

What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? 

I am still planning and looking at my options.

“And what have we done?”….

“Another year over and a new one’s just begun.”

Written and composed by Paulette motzko. Wallpaper images from Zedge.

Paulette Motzko

December 30th 2016 1:46 p.m.

I know Christmas day has passed but hearing and seeing  “Andrea Bocelli – sing White Christmas”is awesome….

On a rainy Las Vegas afternoon, going through my cook books as I figure out what I am baking and cooking I heard this version of White Christmas with the super talented Andrea Bocelli.  He must be a genius because he sings in 3 languages -maybe more. Plays piano and to my astonishment the flute too. Being blind doesn’t stop him one bit.  You can do anything it you want to bad enough.

Have a blessed day everyone! 

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 30th, 2016

1:00 p.m.

Image photographed and written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

January 5th, 2016

Embrace Yourself 

Embrace Yourself –

From the outstanding blog here on WordPress….

Resolute Absolute

Image from Motivational Quotes

Image from Motivational Quotes.

Image from Motivational Quotes.

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December 30th 2016 9:08 a.m.

Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily

There are 496 contributors in today’s issue of Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily

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Look at all the beauty in your life and be happy. What are some of the most beautiful things in your life?

Share 10 beautiful things that are in your life this very moment with the readers on Totally Inspired

So many of us are striving for various degrees of perfection that we fail to see all of the things that are going very right all around us now!

When is the last time you looked at your children and I mean really looked at them and so the miracle in each one of them?

When is the last time you turn the TV off and all of the Techno gadgets and just talked to each other as a family?

When was the last time you went to a park that’s local to you and just looked at the trees and listen to the birds chirp, just because you can?

The weather here in Las Vegas, Nevada has a mind of its own. One day we’ll have rain , another will have 25 mile per hour winds  with dust blowing all over the place, and then there are the seasonal factors of either being too hot un the summer or too cold  in the winter to do anything outdoors.   compared to Southern California where I was raised  enjoying time outdoors with nature is a very rare thing here in the high desert. It’s so rare  that the weather is good enough  to be able to sit outside and just enjoy weather  and be comfortable outside that I truly appreciate it when I can.

I check the weather reports on a daily basis with the Accuweather app, which is very accurate, in the weather kind of dictate what I do, or at least when I do it.

In your area, what are some outdoor activities you enjoy ?

Share your stories with the readers on

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

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December 29th 2016 1:09 a.m.

As the sun colors flowers so does art color life.

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Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

What are some of your favorite art forms? 

Why are they your favorite?

Do you have a favorite artist that seems to put into words how you’re feeling with no words at all?

Is there a favorite author of yours that can always seem to say how you feel without you ever saying a word?

Are you an artist of some kind be it painter, songwriter, blogger, photographer, musician,  chef, Writer or possess other talents who truly knows you were given creative gifts that give others joy.

Share your stories and experiences on Totally Inspired where Positive Minds Congregate and beautiful souls shine.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 29th 2016 12:51 a.m.

Spread your beautiful wings and fly!

Image from Motivational Quotes.

Written and compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

I remember when I was a kid and I was 9 years old and got a gold Stingray bike with tassels on the handlebars. I loved it. It sparkled and shined and every kid wanted one…. I remember my uncle fell in love with it he even got on it and rode on it! It even brought out the child in his heart. 

I’ve never rode a bike before and didn’t even know it was possible to keep the thing standing upright and how to keep your balance on there. My parents put training wheels for the bike and little by little, I got better at writing it used to it.

One day the training wheels came off and I began practicing at Simmons School in Garden Grove where I went, without the training wheels to get used to it and learn how to gain balance on it. I remember the more I wrote the better I felt the more confident I begin to feel. Pretty soon I was writing like there was no tomorrow on it common it forgotten all about training wheels that they ever existed!

Life is like that bike that you get that you put training wheels on. When you try something new for the first time it’s difficult and then once you learn the technique and how to master it and it’s not even hard at all. If there’s always a first time to do everything. There’s a learning curve with everything you do in life, no matter how simple it is or how complicated.

If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but you’ve never tried it- just do it! There are courses that you can take to master the skill of doing whatever it that makes your soul shine and your heart enlightened. Talk to other people who are already doing what you’re thinking about embarking on. They can be your mentors. They can answer questions that you have and you can get valuable information and getting their wisdom without having to spend two years getting it. And always remember there are no dumb questions in this world. I learned that early on in my house and education was reinforced and rewarded from an early age. My parents for the gift of creativity and knowledge and love, and I know they’re smiling in heaven as I say that to all of you.

So as the title says, spread your wings and fly.

At first you might need training wheels, but once you take them off your wings will unfurl and you will come to know of freedom and prove to yourself you can do anything you put your mind to do.

I hope this article acts like a fire starter to the flame that burns inside you keeping your wildest passions alive. 

Do more of what makes you happy in 2017.

What will you be doing more of in 2017 that you didn’t do in 2016? What are some of the things that give you the most joy and I make you feel the most rewarded? Those are the things you need to do more of always. When you do things that give back to yourself in terms of feeling Joy  having a feeling of  being rewarded, you have more strength in reserves to give back to the world something wonderful and meaningful.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko 

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12:19 midnight

Happy Moments Lie Ahead

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Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko

December 29th 2016

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Do you have any special trips planned?

Are you going to be visiting anyone special this year?

What did you learn in 2016?

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Where Positive Minds Congregate and Beautiful Souls Shine!

New Year’s Eve Haiku by Paulette Motzko & New Year’s Wish

The year is over

Anticipation and joy

Await this new year.

I hope that each of my friends, readers and followers all find the insight and wisdom to savor the best that this year 2016 offered, and look with eagerness at 2017 as 12 blocks of time that have unlimited potential and opportunities . 

Written by Paulette Motzko 

Image written and created by Paulette Motzko      Copyright 2016

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The moment you come to trust chaos you see God clearly. Chaos is divine order, versus human order. Change is divine order, versus human order. Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss says : “The moment you come to trust chaos, you see God clearly. Chaos is divine order, versus human order. Change is divine order, versus human order. When the chaos becomes safety to you, then you know you’re seeing God clearly.”

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From American Spiritual Masters Daily.

Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 27th 2016 9:33 a.m.Updated 2:01 p.m.

Fortunate is the person who has developed the self control to steer a straight course towards his objective in life, without being swayed from his purpose by either commendation or condemnation. Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill says : “Fortunate is the person who has developed the self-control to steer a straight course towards his objective in life, without being swayed from his purpose by either commendation or condemnation”

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From Secrets daily.

Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 27th 2016 9:35 a.m.

Don’t be so short-sighted that if it doesn’t happen right now, you’re not going to be happy. You are sowing seeds that will reap a Great Harvest for generations to come. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen says: “Don’t be so shortsighted that if it doesn’t happen right now, you’re not going to be happy. You are sowing seeds that will reap a great harvest for generations to come.”

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From Joel Osteen Daily.

Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 27th 2016 9:36 a.m., 2:16 p.m.

Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. Joseph Sugarman

Joseph Sugarman says : “Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity”

From Success Secrets Daily.

Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 26th, 2016.

Watch “Under the Ice There’s a World of Color”

God bless the diver and camera man who took the video for this short footage deep in the  Antarctica. I wouldn’t ever believe that it was that colorful either!

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

December 23rd 2016 11:57 p.m.

From The Weather Channel Android App: