Read The Constitution of The United States of America


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America is composed of immigrants from all over the world who came to this country and helped build it.
In my opinion, it is through our diversity and the differences that we possess that makes our country colorful, and not boring. America strives for fairness for all people; no matter what race,  color or creed. It has become a veritable sanctuary for people who have been opressed.

People who have been treated unfairly come to America to find justice.

People who have lived in America their entire lives like myself take these rights for granted, but other countries aren’t as lucky.

The rights we possess as Americans were not handed on a platter for us either. Soldiers sacrifice their lives and families to fight for all those freedoms. My father was in the Air Force is now in heaven but he fought in the Air Force and Germany, China, Japan and finally when my mother had my sister and brother Bob he got out of the military because he was never there to raise his kids. He went all over the world with United States Air Force and is buried now in a military cemetery in California and his ashes were placed very recently with my dear mother who is with him now in heaven.

One of the things I want to do is fight to see that all people who served in our country can live in dignity, with all their needs met with housing and all the things they need as well as disabled people like myself. That’s not the way things are right now.

Quite often people serve in the military, they give up their families and they give up everything. They make sacrifices for the sake of our country and us all. And then we dispose of them afterwards like the trash and that’s not right.

Many soldiers had her legs shot off or their arms shot-off or have PTSD. In my dad’s case, his bad leg led to being close to paralyzes in a wheelchair.
He could never pass the stress test to get a knee or shoulder replacement and had osteoarthritis in about every major joint of his body. He was forever going to the Veterans Administration to the VA Hospital and he had so many pills that he was taking it was sickening.

If you ever want to be reminded that war is a triple loss just go to the Veterans Administration. Hang out for a day at the VA Hospital for a while and you’ll see what WAR does. That’s what war does! War kills, War cripples, and there’s usually better things that we can do. Anything is better than blowing up thousands of innocent people just for one target . It’s illogical and doesn’t make sense. In war you never just kill the person you’re going for, but instead you kill tons of women and kids and everybody that never did anything to anybody . In the year 2016 we can find better ways; we must find better solutions.

Fostering more effective communication between countries, signing peace treaties, and coming to better understanding between nations; that’s what you want to build and foster.

We need to build bridges and tear down the walls of misunderstanding.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko copyright July 30th, 2016 2:34 p.m.

Our country was based on the fact that we all have rights and they were not handed on a silver platter either.

America is an extraordinary country because it became strong by its people. We fought for what mattered and we don’t want to lose those privileges by having Trump trample our rights as American Citizens.

Trump would trample all of our rights.

He wants to turn the United States into something like Britain has with him being the king and all of us his tiny servants. That’s not happening in my lifetime.

Preserve our Democratic rights that we possess by voting for leaders who will lead us forward into a more positive future instead of regressing. Trump promotes adversity and War and hatred. Can you think of one good thing that he’s uttered that shows that he represents American ideals?

We have the right to believe what we want in this country and we have the right to freedom of speech and to express our opinions. We also have the freedom to believe whatever we want as long as you’re not hurting anybody else through it. Read the Constitution of United States of America and see how different it is from the agenda that Mr. Donald Trump is presenting. does his agenda really have anything to do with what our forefathers intended for a country? The answer is no it doesn’t. Case closed.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko,
Copyright July 2016 2:13 p.m.