To All the Veterans Past and Present Paulette Le Pore Motzko Salutes Your Sacrifices

To all the veterans past and present Paulette Le Pore Motzko salutes your sacrifices-physical and mental and I know from talking to my veteran friends, veterans don’t call themselves heroes, but you are the backbone of the USA,and our ever watchful protector like a lighthouse on the darkest night.

God bless my dad Ernest Carl Le Pore, and my uncle Robert Stewart who are both lookin down on me in heaven who both served The United States Air Force.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko



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May 2016
4:44 p.m.

How beautiful it is to be alive! – Henry Septimus Sutton


All around us in life we are surrounded by simple things that can give us joy for you only allow the time to see them, or hear them. Many of us are so busy most of the time we don’t take time to really cherish and enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life or the people who make our life special.

Share one of your Simple Pleasures in the comment box below. And share the name of someone you know who adds meaning enjoy it to your life.

Written by Paulette Motzko

May 26th, 2016
7:32 p.m.
Image photographed and created by Paulette Motzko, PLM Studios, Copyright May 2016

Compiled by Paulette Motzko
May 26th, 2016
4:13 p.m.

Watch “No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Try These 5 Options.” on YouTube

Here’s another great YouTube video from Entrepreneur Magazine.

1. Make something.
Etsy, Bonanza, eBay are all great choices to Market things including Amazon.

2. Resell something.

3. Drop Shipping


5. Sell your services

6. Barter what you need.
Utilize low-cost services.

Embellished by Paulette Motzko

May 26th, 2016 3:38 p.m.

Watch “Success Will Never Come to Entrepreneurs Who Do These 10 Things” on YouTube

Excellent informational video from Entrepreneur Magazine. The videos they do on YouTube are so well done they make me want to get a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine!

Don’t do these things to be successful as an entrepreneur.

1. Be jealous
2. Look back don’t let bumps, setbacks or detours stop you.

3. Make excuses. Own your own mistakes. Don’t repeat them!

4. Stop learning- keep learning and growing as long as you’re alive. It keeps you young.

5. Associate with negative people. They’re like a disease that will rub off on you and distract you from what you’re doing.

6. The wake up without a plan have a plan and do things beforehand.

7. Don’t be afraid the progress and adapt what you created.

8. Have your bark be bigger than your bite. Always do what you say you’re going to do and finish things.

9. Do create products and services that benefit the world.

10. Worry about failure… instead focus on all the positives that you’re doing to try and maximize your success.

Embellished by Paulette L Motzko
May 26th, 2016 3:34 p.m.

Paulette L Motzko
May 26th, 2016 3:27 p.m.

Watch “7 Morning routines for business and personal success” on YouTube

My absolute favorite YouTube channel is Evan Carmichael’s Believe Life Channel.

If you haven’t seen it or heard of him search ” Evan Carmichael” on YouTube and you’ll be enlightened.

This one has to do with 7 things that you can do in the morning to help make you enjoy your day more. One of the tips is simply just preparing the night before. PLAN what you’re going to wear and think about what your upcoming goals are the day before and your day will run much smoother.

1. Play music that engages you and gives you energy. I do this all the time.

2. Drink lemon water to rehydrate yourself.

3. Do some kind of exercise that moves your body around and give yourself flexibility. It’s proven fact that people exercise have a think more clearly, feel better and are in a better overall attitude.

4. Start preparing the night before for your day the next day. Plan what you’re going to wear if you’re a woman, lay out your accessories, and if you’re a guy, arrange everything you’ll need together so you look your best you don’t have to search for anything. Pride in your appearance in the world will smile back at you.

5. Give yourself a moment with friends and family whether it be on Facebook in person or on the phone.

6. Do something that gives you energy and joy.

7. Remember your why and why you do what you do and what your thrust and passion is.

Embellished by Paulette Motzko from Evan Carmichael’s list.

May 26th, 2016
3:25 p.m.

Trump The Racist is a Walking Ball of Hatred by Paulette L Motzko


One of my many black friends on Facebook (Elder Israel Odulana)just posted this news clipping which outraged me.  This is the last straw in racial bigoted generalizations Trump has made. He has castigated the Mexican Community, the Middle Eastern Community and the Black Community.  Who’s left?

If you value the freedom that our great country and States of America was based on- and our soldiers fought for don’t vote for Trump.

If you value the freedoms that we have in the United States of America and equal rights for all people don’t vote for Trump.

Writers are powerful people they can change minds, and ENLIGHTEN OTHERS and EDUCATE and I hope to do that with this piece.

If Trump hates the Mexican community and thinks they’re all drug lords and criminals, and if he hates the Middle Eastern people and if he wants to ban them practicing their faith, and if he thinks black people are lazy, my question is:

Mr. Trump who do you LIKE?
Only white bigots?

I grew up in the sixties and I couldn’t understand the hatred that racism was based on.

Donald Trump is a walking ball of hatred for about every single nationality there is. The blanket generalizations he’s made on numerous occasions are only the beginning of how he would destroy what the USA stands for-freedom & equality.

I saw black people being forced to drink out of separate water fountains and it was shocking to me then when I was 9 years old in the 60’s. I have tons of black friends, tons of Mexican friends, Cuban friends, Filipino friends, and I treat everybody the same- as it should be.

Thank God for the civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and Cesar Chavez who made great leaps for equality in the United States of America.

Trump is like a disease who would bring forth only negativity to the USA, promoting racism, and unfair practices. He would destroy the progress that our great country has made from an equal rights standpoint.

I’m so happy that we’ve evolved so much since the mid 60’s. Trump would make us go back in time and promote hatred and inequality.

Trump likes only white rich people obviously, because he’s put down about every other nationality there is. What’s left? I was married to a rocket scientist for 15 years so when you eat out about every nationality there is what’s left white people is that we want white English-speaking people United States? That’s what Trump wants, he wants to put a bridge in to separate us.

Only white, arrogant, republican, rich people who wear power suits?

This is something for all of you Trumpsters to think about.

Do you want to live in the United States where the Statue of Liberty is thrown into the sea and we don’t welcome people from other countries anymore?

I don’t.

SHARE MY MESSAGE HERE  with your friends if you agree.

Thank you.

I’m going to post this on two of my blogs- Totally Inspired Mind that is read by 100 countries now after 5 years and The Political Think Tank.

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May 2016 10:05 a.m.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Quest for The Cancer Cure

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The Quest for the Cancer Cure was created by a Paulette Le Pore Motzko, in hopes that one day it will be monetized and it will raise money to find a cure.

To contact Paulette Motzko about making my vision a reality you may reach her at totallyinspiredpc at gmail or
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May 24th, 2016 at 7:21 a.m.



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Women Who Thrive

I was so happy to see that my newsletter Women Who Thrive was the number one on the top 10 list yesterday.


Ladies since you like this newsletter so much, share it with all your other lady friends and Empower them as well. Just remember that you’re not out to impress anybody but yourself if you feel that something is wrong it probably is. Don’t say yes when you mean no. Don’t ever do anything that you feel that you would compromise your integrity for. The most beautiful kind of lady is the kind of waiting it’s beautiful from the inside out.

Paulette L Motzko, creator of Women Who Thrive
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Paulette Motzko, PLM Studios,
Copyright 2016

May 24th, 2016 it 7:25 a.m.

I Had It All The Time by Alan Cohen: Book Review by Paulette Motzko


Image photographed and Digital Arts by Paulette L Motzko, Copyright May 2016

I just begin reading my second book from Alan Cohen last night called “I Had It All The Time “- When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy.

Already, in the first chapter I now know that the book that I’m writing is not going to be classified as self help. Self-help implies that you’re not whole to start with.  Self-discovery however, is a process where you improve who you already are using self-introspection.

This book  branches my ways of thinking in ways what are landmark and that I’ve never thought before. I’ll keep adding to this since I read each chapter, and sharing the merits of what I have gleaned from the book to share with all of you- my almost 3000 followers on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.

Read any good books lately? What was the name of it and who wrote it?

Paulette L Motzko
May 23rd, 2016 10:43 a.m.

Benjamin Franklin’s Epitaph

Before Benjamin Franklin died he suggested this Epitaph for himself:






” The body of Benjamin Franklin, printer,
(Like the cover of an old book,
Its contents worn out,
And stript of its lettering and gilding)
Lies here, food for words!
Yet the work itself shall not be lost,
For it will, as he believed appear once more,
In the new
And More Beautiful edition,
Corrected and amended
By its Author!

-From The Dictionary of Biographical Quotations eds. Richard Kenin and Justin Wintle, 1978.

What matters is what we live now in the present because that’s her gift to herself. What would you put on your epitaph if you were told you’d only have a week longer to live? How’s that for a deep probing question? Let’s make a no matter so that we can say that we accomplished what we wanted to, and the time that we wanted to for all the reasons that we wanted to.

-Compiled and Written by Paulette Motzko

Images searched and found of Benjamin Franklin’s time honored quotes from Pinterest.

May 20th, 2016
3:12 p.m.

Excerpt from ” The Oxford Book of American Literary Antidotes edited by Donald Hall.

Watch “Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Guy Kiyosaki’s Top 10 Rules For Success” on YouTube

If I was to sum this up in one word it would be Bravo!

I learned so much about money, Investments, the value of a dollar in this one 16 minute video then in the past 5 decades of my life. I have never heard the facts about money and investing presented in this way before. I wish I had because it would have changed what did and how I invested the money I had!

Now at least, I’m armed with the information and I definitely will look into getting one or more of Mr. Kawasaki’s books.

Paulette Motzko
May 18th 2016
7:05 a.m.

Watch “3 HOURS Soothing Relaxing Music with Ocean Sounds, Sleep, Study, Meditation…” on YouTube

You can simply have this beautiful instrumental soundtrack playing in the background for three hours while you do work, 2 riding, or other creative kinds of work.  Relaxation spurs creativity and imagination I have found in my ten years as a professional writer & photographer.

Here’s a virtual Standing Ovation to the creators of this wonderful soundtrack and also the 20 minute very relaxing meditation with imagery and music that I listen to prior to this.

Ambient Nature Instrumental Music Soundtrack by The Honest Guys
Written by Paulette L Motzko
May 17, 2016

Watch “Rejuvenate & Gain Energy – GUIDED MEDITATION for Study, Concentration & Alertness” on YouTube

YouTube video from The Honest Guys

This wonderful meditation with imagery and music and ambient sounds takes about 20 minutes to listen to and experience. This is so great that probably what I’ll do is set my alarm for a half hour before I want to get up and then do this every morning.


This high-definition Mountainside with lake image found on by Paulette Motzko.
Text written and Compiled by Paulette L Motzko,
May 17th, 2016. 9:37 a.m.

What I found after listening to and doing the mind-body-spirit meditation, which this is very similar to biofeedback, ( I went to biofeedback classes with a special doctor in California years ago and it really helped me), I found that my muscles felt better and it got rid of the stress and tension that I felt in my neck and back that I had before watching and listening to the video…..mostly listening to as I had my eyes shut.

This made me feel 200 times better than before I listen to it, but I know it will you as well.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko