Tips and tricks you never knew about WhatsApp

I guess from what I read on my research just now about what’s up, free app that I just discovered to a friend who is bothering me and say why don’t you get on that thing it’s awesome well it is awesome and he was right. I guess Facebook bought it 2 years ago and it’s no wonder it has close to 50 billion users on the thing. It’s become the most popular messaging app in the world.

You can not only make calls that are clear on it, but you can send video and images all kinds of things into a very easily and it really doesn’t take up much space on your phone tablet or smart device.

I look forward to talking to any if of my wonderful, talented followers on it.

My ID on WhataApp is simply PauletteMotzko.

My number is displayed on various Web sites and is 714-728-6037.

I look forward to talking to my best followers like Paul Militaru, Esther Ling, Ramon Loyola, Rose, Richard Cross and so many more of my favorite people.

The Impossible is possible today through the multitude of very sophisticated apps that we now have available to us. Another app that is worth exploring is Box. Using Box on your smart device you can collaborate with anybody in the world on books on the project you want and only you and that other person see what you’re working on.

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