American Speech-Language-Hearing Association | ASHA

For any of you who are hard of hearing, deaf or think you’re going deaf, this organization can be of invaluable service to you.

After all, the ability to communicate in an effective way is our God-Given Rights.

Please pray for my high school dear friend Carl Frye. I just talked to him on Facebook and he said “please pray for me I think I’m going deaf!”

I knew he had problems and wanted to get to a doctor about a month ago, and I tried to send him resources, but I’m not in Louisiana and nowhere near Coushatta, Louisiana.

I searched several places, Audiology Organizations and found this.

I know that this link will help many of you out there who think you have hearing problems, or maybe could use the hearing aid.

I know sign language for the deaf and when I was studying piano years ago in college I couldn’t make my mind up if I wanted to be a sign language interpreter or if I wanted to teach piano so I got in both programs.

I have a lot of friends who are deaf so it made it possible for me to be able to teach two very hard of hearing kids Jason and Adrian Chang piano.
They had two hearing aids I had the desire to see them play and hear them play and they had residual hearing! So by the time that The Deaf Children’s Athletic Association asked me if I could teach them piano, I don’t know if I could.  I tried it, and then I converted the audible to visual… and those kids played three songs each in the most extraordinary recital I ever did in my life.

250 people attended in Riverdale Utah.. you can accomplish anything you want if you only put your mind to it if you have any kind of hearing difficulties give these people a call and go to their website I hope it proves and services to some of you out there.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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