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We are all the same on this planet, no matter what race, color, or creed. All we have to do is just watch the little, innocent children.

CHILDREN don’t see black or white, they don’t see Asian, they don’t see Filipino. Kids see other kids and only parents infect a child’s thinking teaching their children to hate.

Kids are equal through a child’s eyes.

So, to all the parents of the world:

Teach your child to love.
Teach your child tolerance.
Teach your children that it’s okay that were all different and that we learn from other people’s differences.

Hatred and racism pollutes the world with archaic ways of thinking  and it pollutes a child’s innocent mind.

Racism is like a disease that infects.

Don’t give your child the “disease of racism” to your kids.
Because they’ll only infect their kids with it exclamation point. Children learn from what they witness so be your best self for your child.

Do it for them and their future and yourself and your present. The world will view you differently from setting a positive example for your child.

Written by Paulette L Motzko Copyright March 2016

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