Doctors remove wrong body part

Doctors remove wrong body part

The only thing I can say here is:

How the heck WAS THE HOSPITAL STUPID ENOUGH TO take out the wrong rib? And why would they let a trainee sit in on a really important procedure like that? That was really poor discretion on the behalf of all of the people at that New Haven Hospital in Connecticut.

Major surgeries are not places where you have people train! Do the training in medical school so they don’t kill people; let the trainees work on Dummies. Don’t put people’s lives at risk having people who are incompetent in the operating room… which is just one thing they screwed up on here, not to mention- what were the other people in the operating room doing- who were the trainees?

It’s a wonder that the two surgeries in one day didn’t kill the poor woman! I know I couldn’t have survived two surgeries in one day with two sets of anesthesiology and all the other stuff you have to go through . What kind of bright moron did that who is the idiot that made the call to do two surgeries in one day? I would love to talk to the attorney on this .

It’s that kind of negligence is representative of that stupid hospital they should be closed down.

I hope the lady that had to go through that two surgeries had becomes a billionaire and sets a president that patients rights do matter.

And that’s the humble opinion of Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

March 24th, 2016
4:02 p.m.

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