“Gonna Be Somebody’s Only Light. Gonna Shine Tonight” – Whose light will you be?

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Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright March 2016
12:31 p.m.

There are always opportunities in life to be somebody’s only light.

Around you there are people who are saddened by life’s hard knocks, and trials who need cheering up. Look around at the senior citizen sitting there alone and wishing they had someone to share their wisdom with. That could be you.

Rather than them looking out- staring off into space- you could be there new friend.

We can change other people’s “endings”, as I call them. You can transform them into grand opportunities.

It’s an opportunity to say hello, and they probably have not talked to anybody all day.

There are constant opportunities to reach out to a stranger or somebody who could use your help.

Don’t look around and see what everybody else is doing.

Just think about what you’re doing.

Life isn’t a competition, but rather life is an ongoing, ever-changing Festival of Opportunities, of disappointments, of Trials, and  different forms of Joys.

Just on my way home on the bus yesterday early evening I met a forlorn lady named Roberta.

She sat next to me with a mop and a broom and a whole bunch of other things in a large bag- and I was afraid to ask what was inside it. Everybody looked at her like she was crazy and I instead ask her a question how are you?

Turns out she was disabled and lost her wheelchair. Said she had three sons and after all of them to help her with rides and none of them would do it, and mediately I felt bad and empathy for your situation when I looked at her and I said I’m sorry to hear that I really am genuinely sorry that you asked all your kids and none of them will help you. I’ve been there so I know the feeling. Many times your family is not the first choice in care, concern or compassion. I told her how to get a social worker she that some idiot in the welfare office said that she wasn’t able to get SSI. Said she had to be 65. I’m not 65 and I’ve been collecting since I won it with Dr. Bill LA Tour disability lawyer acting as my advocate.
And it took 20 doctors to get and almost two years of waiting but I got it. SSI makes the difference between survival and demise for countless people with chronic disabilities.

I told her about the attorney Binder and Binder here who would help her and wouldn’t ask for money upfront.

That way, they would help her help herself, doing the best she can with what shes able. I saw a look of enlightenment and of utter thanks as I made sure she understood. How much better that was with her living with the bag of all their belongings.

Information is power and information can change lives you just have to care.

Look beyond people’s exteriors and find out what’s inside their hearts and souls.

When you give people a chance you’ll discover, to your amazement, they were much like YOU and pretty darn nice.

Often I wonder why it is only I can see the easy answers to people’s dire situations.

I’ve never been one to judge somebody by the way they look, as I was disabled with a hidden disability of epilepsy all my life. So I don’t judge people like unfairly and I can see compassion in someone’s eyes and also I can sense the lack of it-otherwise known as apathy.

I try to treat everybody the same no matter what race color creed they are, I will be the one that approaches somebody that nobody will approach.

Just because someone looks different or because they’re in a wheelchair has never stopped me, and shouldn’t you either.

Once you find out what the person’s going through half the time it’s easily remedied.

You can sit on the sidelines and do nothing, or you can reach out to others and make a difference in large and small ways. What matters is how you feel about yourself and how rewarded you feel by what you’re doing for a living and also what you’re doing in life.

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