Surprise It’s Me Again! THANK YOU MY 2,435 followers. Note 4 Phablet Working Again!

After a month if dealing with T-Mobile tech support people, spending way too many days at TMobile stores, and a week of having no real phone to call people on -due to having major functionality problems with my Galaxy Note 4 phablet, finally I got a replacement.

After getting the device via UPS, it was not holding a charge, and I seriously felt like smashing it to bits more than a dozen times. Felt like and doing of course are two radically different things.

Very fancy Multi hundred dollar devices like my Galaxy Note 4 phablet -combination tablet and phone with high definition photography and video, are worth garbage if they don’t  work.

As I explained to the corporate guy at T Mobile yesterday the money that I’ve lost the productivity in my job without having a way to talk to my clients and spending way too long at T Mobile locations cost me money.

So they did some very fancy wheeling and dealing, took some money off the charges they thought I owed, namely the grand oversight of $427 for the replacement because my bill of $105 monthly included insurace. I said it should be F-R-E-E, and I also said, it isn’t free because I paid all year for it!

So far so good with my device and now all systems are running which enable me to spend time using the now functioning screen and vocal recognition software that I am using creating this post with, then editing it.

With tmobile I pay for unlimited everything – data, web, Rhapsody music 24-hour internet, which enable me to maintain the 13 web blogs and other things that I can do anywhere.

With an app called Joist, I can create incredible invoices and contracts with signatures using my stylus, and add images like never before.

So, when it works it’s pretty incredible. With the phablet when it’s working, it works better than my computer does and does things more efficiently.

I still use my big computer when I create documents like web content, SEO web content, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, advertising and media kits, Feature Stories for restaurants, and book manuscripts.

But saving on typing, and using vocal recognition software that is very accurate, which it is, with The Galaxy Note 4 or 5, saves me from hopefully getting carpal tunnel syndrome one day from all the typing that I used to do – which I do much less often.

That is the one of the largest reasons it’s worth making the thing work…. AND THE INCREDIBLE HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA and video.

The software you buy in the store does not work very well -namely Dragon. I’ve used it in California and it’s garbage.
I took it back to Staples in Huntington Beach where I used to shop all the time, and gave it to my manager friend Bert and told him to make a note to recall the product. After trying to train the thing it couldn’t even type one sentence! I tried to use it when I broke my wrist and was still trying to do work. I take a lickin and keep on tickin. I typed with one hand faster than I did with that stupid software.

You don’t even need to train the vocal recognition software that comes preinstalled on the Note 4; it is pretty fabulous.

If I didn’t have over 7,000 photographs that have been saved and moved over from almost 10 years worth of Galaxy products, I might have considered moving to a Apple IOS operating system. I have paid professional photographer apps that I would have lost.

Sorry to talk so much about tablets, technology, computers, operating systems, and all that jazz, but that’s what blogs are made of.

If people knew the work that goes into doing one blog, or a cooking site, for instance, they would have a hell of a lot more respect for the people running them. You’ve got to be part producer, part editor have tons of imagination and patience, be a photographer be a web designer. You gotta do a little of a lot of stuff!

A week is about the longest I’ve spent away from writing on this, and I wanted to explain why.

So, after saying multiple prayers, calling the corporate office of T-Mobile yesterday complaining to them about how rotten the service was and how bad and useless my device was over a span of one month -for various reasons, an the stupid advice I was given by tech support people – they’re sending me a free battery and free device and if I need the device at all. I told them, if my phone starts to work miraculously and I don’t need the second replacement phablet, I’ll simply send it back. Miracles do happen though, and today there was 100% charge on this thing so I can finally do something….I am back in commission again.

I use it in place of my MS Word word processor for most things by using Google Docs, which takes up way less space than the MS Office Word app.

So I hope you all have a wonderful, productive and very blessed day, no matter where you live in the world.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright February 20th, 2016
10:03 a.m.

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