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In my hand is Max Lucado’s incredible book that encapsulated in the title what I want to do on earth….

You were made to make a difference.
Max Lucado 2010 copyright
ISBN 978 – 0 – 8499 – 4668 – 4 (IE)

When I saw this book on the best seller rack at Barnes & Noble I stopped in my tracks and thought on those powerful 4 words Max Lucado said. That is what I aim to do with my good works on earth…helping others, enlightening pathways, and increasing people’s life quality where I can.

Be it Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily; The Epilepsy Connection, or
Your Epilepsy Resource Guide-
acting as a Disability Spokesperson for all the disabled who either can’t speak for themselves or don’t know where to turn next, empowering others is what I think I was put on the earth to do.

We all can “outlive our lives” by leaving it better off than when the day we were born. We can leave a legacy of happier and healthier people, if we should only want to.

The Quest For The Cancer Cure, my newsletter for those whose lives are touched by cancer, is still in the prices of monotization so it can accept donations and ad banners. Great things don’t happen overnight but take patience, perserverance and they are a process.

I have several of Max Lucado’s books and another I highly recommend is:

“Every Day Deserves a Chance. Wake Up To The Gift of 24 Hours ”

Copyright 2007 by Max Lucado published by Thomas  Nelson, Inc.
P.O. BOX 141000, Nashville Tennessee 37214

If you can’t afford to buy the book at your local bookstore for $19.99, you might be able to find it by looking up the ISBN number at your local library.

ISBN 978 – 0 – 8499 – 1959 – 6

I was blessed and found my copy at Book Off in for a dollar at a used book store at one of my all time favorites in southern California 2 years ago and paid full price for Out Live Your Life gladly. The book is worth far more than the twenty dollar cover price, because you’ll find yourself returning to it time and time again like an old friend.

To show what kind of guy Max Lucado is he’s what I call a Triple Winner because he cares about you and me and himself-but he cares about THE WORLD and now and the future, society as a whole, and that’s what I care about is well.

All the publusher’s royalties from those two books goes to benefit children and families to World Vision and other ministries of faith based compassion.

You can follow World Vision’s use of the funds go to Max . Both of these two books are published by Thomas Nelson which is been in existence in 1798 and I will be checking them out to see if they publish my book.

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