SIGN MY Petition: SSI & SSDI Payments Allow Disabled People to Only Survive. Sign & Share. Paulette Motzko’s Story

I want to get five thousand signatures minimum on this and then send it to The President of The United States of America.

Share this link with everybody you know who cares about disabled people and cares about veterans and cares about people on SSI and SSDI. Typically every person in the United States knows someone who’s on supplementary Social Security or they are on it.

I know if we create a cohalition for Positive Change we can work together and change the quality of life for every person who’s Disabled like myself.

I want to see everyone who is disabled live the best life they possibly can.

Don’t you?

To live with all the financial ability to pay for even having their basic needs met. That is not the case now.

Nobody on ssdi or ssi wants to be colkecting checks and would rather be working getting paid good money, using their education and being hired for their abilities. Health dictates what a person can and cannot do unfortunately though.

Disabled people are often not employed in the workplace for their abilities, but discriminated either because they can’t drive for whatever reason, or for their disability itself. As a woman who’s been disabled for 40 years of her almost 55 years on earth – I know first hand.

Even though I have two college degrees, an Associate Arts degree in piano pedagogy, was on the Dean’s List and Honor Roll every semester, graduated top of my class at Chapman University in a Masters Program called Voluntary Leadership as the CEO and founder of the Epilepsy Connection – I’ve been turned down from good paying jobs based on the fact that I didn’t drive. The company that did that was Edison in Orange, CA when I lived in Southern California. As soon as they heard that I did not drive they did not give me the job.
THEY HEARD ME SAY I WAS “BOOKING A RIDE” and my boss said “what? Booking a ride, what do you mean? I told her I used paratransit OCTA ACCESS.

It shouldn’t matter how you get to a job- what do they care? So you get there. I am early to everything. I’m conscientious. I’m reliable and I always do what I say I do. A great employer shouldn’t care how you get there, but you’re there and on time and do the job well.

Those kinds of things are not legal but they happen, even with a ADA laws they still happen.

What monkey with a calculator figured you can live on $728 a month? What country does that apply to, it surely isnt the United States with current rent prices of any where from $1600 monthly in southern CA to $600 minimum for a nice clean place in Nevada, that doesn’t have roaches, and isn’t in a high crime area where you have to go out with a mag light in your hand to be ready to club somebody . I already have lived and survived that and should never have had to go through any of it.

I lived in a 500 square foot, horrid disgusting apartment, that looked good by day but at night the drug addicts came out and bag people lined their shopping carts all around it and the management allowed it to go on, just like they did allowing people paying $480 a month to live in roach filled places that I ended up calling the health dept over.
I’ll say the name of the place because I think I am doing a public service warning people. The Better Business Bureau should go through it and condemn the place and cite the apartment managers for bad business practices – Torrey Lanes Apartment Homes on Charleston and Torrey Pines.

The people who manage that should be put in prison. They let people live in squalor. They allowed me to live in a disgusting roach filled place, that I have photos of to prove that make my skin crawl now that I living in a place twice the size that’s clean and nice in a much better neighborhood.

The laws in Nevada need to be changed forcing apartment complexes to maintain their buildings. As long as people are paying money and signing leases, like I did, which in CA is a legal binding agreement between the renter and the apartment owner to keep and maintain everything about that property, stiff laws to protect renters need to be employed. That’s another petition in the making.

Anyhow, because Torrey Lanes Apartment Homes would not fumigate, and I was getting sick of being gases they were spraying from hiring exterminators requiring me to put everything in boxes, so I called the supervisor of Clark County Code inspector and I forced them to do it right.

They then hired an exterminator that didn’t fix the problem because the entire building is infested. To fix their infestation, everyone in the complex would need hotels paid by the cheap slum lord who owns the dump-a tarp over the entire building.

In California that building would have been condemned. It should be, for the sake of the people barely living in them.

They were sighted and fined and forced to clean up the garbage and used ugly furniture by the trash cans that made it look like a ghetto.

Because they’re —–holes, they gave me a 24 hour eviction notice, landing me in a home as a Nanny and personal chef and maid in a huge home to a family to keep the roof over my head, but that wasn’t living either.

So, I think you see why I have a vested interest in this thing. I have been through literal hell here in Nevada. That doesn’t include nearly being strangled by a crazy guy I thought was a friend the week before Thanksgiving 2 years ago. All because my money wouldn’t pay for an adequate place to live!

I almost became history in this cock eyed, dust ridden state full of acceptable drug atticts, drunks, transients, smokers, because you can get cigarettes in vending machines in Nevada- you know that?

I think in some places you can get booze in vending machines.

Anything seems to go in Vegas and the legislators and people that run the state don’t seem to care about pedestrians OR about the dignity life, or about people.

Pedestrians always have the right away and drivers need to learn how to yeild. Here in NV it’s ok for a driver to kill a pedestrian if they’re taking too long crossing the street! I swear to God I am not kidding!

That’s another petition on the works.

I’d like to see that change.

I almost most became history here and so instead I’m going to make history instead and make this place a better place for everyone.

I had a lease in the awful studio I rented and I paid rent on time for 8 months and kept my part of the lease.
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, and don’t do drugs. I came for cheap rent and housing in thr quest to live a better life, but didn’t know I had to get political to do it!

I’m honest and have integrity. I akso stand up for principles and what’s right.

When you pay rent and you’re in a contract you better so help me God have a clean place to live in for that money. I didn’t but that was all I could afford and I went through 100 godforsaken disgusting places and I have pictures on my phone that I will show and illustrate when I can.
I will show the legislators of Nevada because those are sacrifices I never should have lived in.
Let the mayor and Senator Reide who thinks that that a cost of living index is so great- let him live with that kind of below poverty wage of $728. They couldnt have made it work one month, let alone the years I have.
I am the process of raising my SSI to the max, would you doctors letters and proof that when I filed for what I’m of 10 years ago thanks of changed and I want all the back pay I was never paid when I lived in a racist highly Vietnamese area code Saigon in Garden Grove they were some things that were done to my account that we’re fraudulent and I want them review dad want to be for a board and I want to proven I was under paid $400 for about 2 years and I want every cent of it and I want to people who did it and turn down my case sided fired and prosecuted.

In case you don’t know this people you can’t sue the government because of a clause but you can sue people who work for the government. That didn’t come from an attorney that came for me looking illegal websites in California illegal websites and Washington because three attorneys lied to me and I’ll never be another. I don’t trust him you can do things yourself you don’t need an attorney I don’t care what they say they’re just Paper Turner’s with shiny shoes and black briefcases who get a percentage of anything you win in any court.

You can accomplish anything that you do you can do with a paralegal in terms of filing documents, and you can do it cheaper.

When you have nothing to live on you become very smart and very wise and you become very industrious. I have learned due to my paltry ssi payments, all to have it pay for my $2300 prescriptions for epilepsy, how to make do with nothing and I have done that.

Should not have had to scrape and claw and clutch to exist, but I’ve done it and until my income increaes, I am still living with $40 to my name after paying the rent.

I am looking for a non smoking, room mate who drives who can pass a criminal check and background check to rent my spare room. The rent would be $400.

could live like I did dequately and can have more than their rent paid and don’t have to wash their clothes in the bathtub and don’t have to borrow bus passes and don’t have to shop at the 99 cent store if they don’t want to because that’s all they can afford is anything over a dollar.

The legislators don’t understand these things with their six figure incomes.
We have to make them understand by standing together strong and presenting the simple facts.

We are a link in a chain that becomes stronger with every person who opens their mouth and says this is not right and won’t stand for living a substandard life any longer.

Written by
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright February 12th, 2016
9:53 a.m., 11:09 a.m.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko
February 11th, 2016
9:49 a.m

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