Today is the Tu B’Shevat or The New Year For Trees.

Cook book writer and friend Faye Levy was telling the story about Tu B’Shevat last night, which I didn’t realize Jewish holidays are celebrated the day before the holiday. Her wonderful story with photos of all the new fruits on the trees on Facebook, inspired me to read more about it.

I am a Catholic lady and know very little about Jewish customs, but am always willing and wanting to learn more about them. By doing so, an understanding and respect for the people behind the customs and traditions develop that would not have been possible otherwise.

I opened the book “Feasts For All Seasons ” by Roy Andries-de Groot off my book shelf this morning, and in a spring menu talking about the international holidays spoke again of the Tu B’Shevat, but from a historical standpoint.

The TORAH praises seven fruits, particularly pomegranates, dates, olives, grapes and figs. Oftentimes the Jewish people will either try and eat one new fruit in season or plant a tree.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright January 2016
8:03 a.m.

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