Paulette L Motzko’s Prayer For Those With Epilepsy and All The Disabled People of the World

My Prayer
By Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 1990

This prayer was written when I was having 50 simple partisl seizures a day when I was dubbed as “intractable.”
It turned out helping more people with various disabilities and even those who were not disabled. I could not believe the responses I got daily in my email box. It waa unlike anything I ever imagined.

I remember getting a letter from a guy who was paralyzed and so kind.
He TOLD ME HIS STORY AND SAID, that unlike anything ever before,
he finally felt like he had something to live for. I’ll never forget reading that letter in shock and overwhelmed with emotion. Somehow all my pain and struggles was being turned into consolation and confidence and hope for others. It was quite miraculous to me.

After that, I wondered how many others would find solace in my words, like a warm blanket in the cold.
I wrote Christopher Reeves a letter telling him he was the real life superman and spent hours on that letter. He wrote me back and worked with me as a consultant with The Epilepsy Connection to help anyone who had severe mobility disabilities.
I remember how nice his wife was when we communicated.

Last week the young lady on Facebook young lady asked me if I was the same Paulette Motzko who founded The Epilepsy Connection.  I told her I was and she said how much my prayer helped her and she asked for a copy of it.
So, typed under glass it is,  and by popular demand I am putting it on Totally Inspired Mind : Where Positive Minds Congregate for all the  world to read.

I am glad I was asked for it, because since totally inspired by and is read by about 100 countries monthly, I never had that kind of leadership when I was working as the co-founder of the Epilepsy Connection. I’ve created a web platform is quite extensive over the last 10 years.

I was looking through a prayer book and realize that people with epilepsy need a special prayer on their own. Since one having been written, I thought I’d write one.

I figured we need all the help we can get and it wouldn’t hurt to have the Man Upstairs on our side.  Even though it is the longest prayer I’ve seen to date it only takes a few minutes to say  it makes me feel better somehow. I hope it gives you the same kind of consolation it gives me.

My Prayer
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Dear God,

Thank you for the promise of this day.
My  day is young and new as a child full of wonder.
My past has been thrown to see it with your help the pleasant memories will be waiting safely on shore for me.

Let only the best of myself, that’s who I am live on.
My future consist only of the choices I make today.
Wipe any worries your fears for my mind.
Give me a clean slate to work with, to accomplish things,  a day that has never been lived before.
Let me embrace myself with open arms,  treating myself as my own best friend.
Let me not be unnecessarily hard on myself but let me constantly push myself to achieve new goals.

Give me the strength to not only cope but give me super human strength so I may be stronger than this thing I’m fighting.

Give me the power to not fight but to win.
Victim is not in my vocabulary;  I don’t know what the word means.

Let me always remember  that even though I may not be perfect, & I may have boundaries others may not,  the remaining normal part of me is an exceptional.

IT (MY BRAIN AND MIND) have become stronger over time to compensate for what is weak.
The brain waves which seemed to have a mind of their own, only make me different in a very good way.
I’ll see the entire spectrum of colors in a sunset, instead of a few.  I’ll never take anything for granted,  no matter how seemingly small.  I’ll always be content just to gaze at some birds in the tree.  I’ll somehow  be able to understand when others can’t find the words, and my hands will reach out quicker to help someone in need.
each year, when my health was unstable, let me never forget that those qualities I possessed of strength and courage cannot be given back to someone else. as the saying goes, the only thing we take to the next life from this one is what we gave away. My life quality, as well as others who share my plate is top priority. Let my life in its own humble way be an example for other disabled people that they  can do anything they imagine himself doing.
We as disabled people can work together.
You are a link in the chain that becomes stronger every time you do the best you are able and fight to see that all disabled people are treated with dignity and are given good paying jobs using skills they possess.

My life quality, as well as all others who share my plight is top priority.
let me find ways of raising the standards, changing laws,  enlightening and educating so that all people are treated equally.

Let my life be a mission to change the things I’m able, and to empower myself in any way I can.
Let my pills be “magic pills” to help me live the life I desire, obtain my goals,  and know what peace of mind means.  Let me donate funds for medical research to aid in the discovery of new drugs which could be the magic pills of tomorrow.

Lord, walk with me throughout the day and never leave my side.  With each step while others ride-walk with me.

If I wait while they go about their lives – be there with me.  take away the loneliness that harbors itself inside me by giving me friends that I share a common bond.
Let me seek others for support as well as strength.

Let all people with epilepsy take their health into their own hands, forming a wall of steel; each one helping to reinforce the strength of the other the whole thing stronger than the parts.

Let me realize that no matter what happens today I always have my soul.

Minutes or hours may be taken from me, I may be pushed to the limit -but I Won’t Fall.
Let me do something wonderful every day. …no matter what that may be:
Sing a song off key…
Savor a minute or two…
Write in a journal…
Take a walk with somebody special…
Or,  create a masterpiece.

Don’t ever let me forget what rewarding means.
Don’t let me forget  the joy of simple things.
Don’t let me get wrapped up with just being.  I wasn’t put on this earth to merely exist. 
Let me keep a childlike anticipation for the day and what it holds.
Don’t let my sense of humor dwindle away.
Let this day, especially, be a package I can unwrap.
Let me go outside to myself, trying to help others and affect lives.
Let me be more concerned with others than myself. as the saying goes, the only thing we take from this life to the next is what we gave away.
Let people remember me for what I’ve done,  not who I am.

If I feel susceptible let me say …
Make me strong,
Hold me up, 
Give me power, 
Ease my mind,
Give me peace.

Send an Angel to Hold My Hand.


2 thoughts on “Paulette L Motzko’s Prayer For Those With Epilepsy and All The Disabled People of the World

    • God bless you Lindi Makhaza. Thank you for telling me that. Our spirits are more alike than you know I think. I think though we deal with different challenges we have looked fear in the eye and made it cower and hide under a rock so we could climb it!

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