Desert Southwest Chapter | Alzheimer’s Association and Getting Involved

I am going to start becoming involved with the desert southwest chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. When my grandmother (my mother’s mother) Ruby Hart had Alzheimer’s disease, I was one of her caregivers, along with my sister in law, as hers was very severe. So I walked about a mile to get there from my house in Orange at the time.  I read everything to read on the topic, while I was organizing papers and doing whatever the director wanted me to do. I remember her putting a small stereo in the room with me while I made informative packages available for mailings.
I know they would tune me into support groups as the child of some one-year mother Ramona as in Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily; who has severe Alzheimer’s disease.

It runs in women as in grandma , then Mom the next to be in line with be my sister Brenda and then after that would be me . That’s who would be most susceptible to the disorder-and I really don’t want it, so I am trying to stay active, eat plenty if green antioxidant filled foods, extra virgin olive oil has been proven to not only deter the onset of dementia but also people who already were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease responded favorably to it.

There are so many different things a person can do to help avoid it, but there are no guarantees.

It would be helpful for me to meet another lady whose mother has acute Alzheimer’s disease. I could use a soup mate to get through this tragic thing.
It would do me good, as the former caretaker. My siater is her catetaker now who was so verbally abusive to me judging what I did. Now she knows it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Perhaps, if miracles exist, I will get a genuine apology for her and her husband throwing me on the street too, after I helped pay the house payment 15 years, if I don’t- that’s alright. She has to live with what she did. I don’t.

I was there for her 24/7 for 15 years and it’s my time now. To watch someone die isn’t an easy thing to do and I might decide that I want to remember her as she was. That’s ok.

A caregiver shouldn’t be a caregiver any longer when you no longer have 24/7 patience, which people with short term memory problems require.

At any rate, I will be a spokesperson for the rest of my life trying to raise money for to find the cure.

I hope to show the director my newsletter Ramona’too. My goal is to make it available to all the caregivers in their data base.