Desert Southwest Chapter | Alzheimer’s Association and Getting Involved

I am going to start becoming involved with the desert southwest chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. When my grandmother (my mother’s mother) Ruby Hart had Alzheimer’s disease, I was one of her caregivers, along with my sister in law, as hers was very severe. So I walked about a mile to get there from my house in Orange at the time.  I read everything to read on the topic, while I was organizing papers and doing whatever the director wanted me to do. I remember her putting a small stereo in the room with me while I made informative packages available for mailings.
I know they would tune me into support groups as the child of some one-year mother Ramona as in Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily; who has severe Alzheimer’s disease.

It runs in women as in grandma , then Mom the next to be in line with be my sister Brenda and then after that would be me . That’s who would be most susceptible to the disorder-and I really don’t want it, so I am trying to stay active, eat plenty if green antioxidant filled foods, extra virgin olive oil has been proven to not only deter the onset of dementia but also people who already were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease responded favorably to it.

There are so many different things a person can do to help avoid it, but there are no guarantees.

It would be helpful for me to meet another lady whose mother has acute Alzheimer’s disease. I could use a soup mate to get through this tragic thing.
It would do me good, as the former caretaker. My siater is her catetaker now who was so verbally abusive to me judging what I did. Now she knows it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Perhaps, if miracles exist, I will get a genuine apology for her and her husband throwing me on the street too, after I helped pay the house payment 15 years, if I don’t- that’s alright. She has to live with what she did. I don’t.

I was there for her 24/7 for 15 years and it’s my time now. To watch someone die isn’t an easy thing to do and I might decide that I want to remember her as she was. That’s ok.

A caregiver shouldn’t be a caregiver any longer when you no longer have 24/7 patience, which people with short term memory problems require.

At any rate, I will be a spokesperson for the rest of my life trying to raise money for to find the cure.

I hope to show the director my newsletter Ramona’too. My goal is to make it available to all the caregivers in their data base.

43 Dead Across 7 States After Week of Devastating Tornadoes, Flooding and Storms – ABC News

Text written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 28th, 2015

I get up every morning and watch the sunrise and can see the midnight blue sky turn a lighter blue gradually. And I can see the palm trees solouette in the early morning sky and gradually the sun’s rays start peering through early morning sky. Occasionally I am blessed with a glorious sunrise in the “birth of my new day”.

Some times I just relish the quiet and pleasant still and peace as I sip my cup of French press coffee and other days classical or new age music will air through my bluetooth speaker the size of only a brick, but it the music is loud enough for me and is not obtrusive to my neighbors.

As I open the many websites that I’m on from Twitter especially where people are adding me to really extraordinary list as a leaders-which was unexpected but nice, or on photographer lists and others. They don’t ever think like that, but it doesn’t matter. I know better and I try to make decisions that affect the greater good of all.

I’m not trying to impress the whole world. Anybody that does that never accomplished anything. They are always worried about what others think of them and are not true to themselves. Please yourself because if you do that and you compete with yourself you’re doing very well in life. In many cases you don’t want a copy everybody because what if everybody is doing the wrong thing? Right? It’s good to think about what you do and evaluate what the best decision for you to make it given situations are. In order to do that you gotta go into a quiet place where you can think.

This can be a beautiful place and in my case, a natural place where there is a beautiful view, plants and flowers around. If I still lived in southern California, there were a plethora of places like the multitude of beaches studding Pacific Coast Highway. Here in Las Vegas, nature is a rarity. A congested, dusty hot desert is what it is with lower housing prices, which is what I have.

Once you find that special place where you can relax and just go… let it be your sanctuary. The world doesnt have to know every little thing you do, like a play by play on Facebook. Some people let the world know everything they do, every where they go, including tracking themselves by “checking in”….what is left then? What is private? What is sacred if the whole world knows about everything you do? Its not even the safe thing to do to tell everybody where you’re going in this day and age , but nobody ever thinks about that .

If you post on Facebook or Twitter where your sanctuary is, it no longer is any more. If you haven’t found a sanctuary yet, or thought about it, look on apps like Scout to help you, and FourSquare can turn up some incredible finds.
I love places that have trees and birds and pretty things that you can here nature sounds which I love – whether it be a bird chirping or an ocean wave crashing seagulls etc.

Now back to the title of this story.

What is happening to the world? Is this global warming in action? It worries me. I’m going to talk to some news reporters and people from papers in Las Vegas and ask them what they think is going on. I’m going to talk to a meteorologist and find out what they think is the matter. I’ve never seen so many places hit with ghastly weather- including here with 25 mile an hour winds to even 40 mile an hour winds. In Albuquerque, New Mexico my friend had a blizzard a few days ago while we had horrible winds. People died in Dallas, Texas this week- I think it was 11 people there alone. I know its winter, but I have never heard of a winter like this.

All over the world some of the most horrid weather I’ve been reading about on the news in a very short time causing tragedies and deaths.

I’m one of these people who put two and two together and I look at the situation after I get enough information and I say- “what the heck was going on?” It’s a good thing to do and a good way to be

Don’t just live day today but look at the big picture.

I hope that all of our pollution and all of our irresponsible ways haven’t messed up our ecosystem to the point of nonreversal. Our home is planet Earth.
We only have one of them with a water system we rely on for LIFE. I know you want to wake up to your routine too doing what you do for a living.

Get involved in your community to conserve our natural resources. They are not unlimited but finite.

We need to start thinking in a responsible way doing things in a more sustainable way and thinking about the big picture and sincerely considering our environment -our only home, your children and grandchildren’s future home.
Think about gas emissions from your car, get that smog check for the sake of all of us! That junk coming out of your exhaust pipe doesn’t affect just you!

Buying a cars that gets better gas mileage and think of carpooling or getting some needed exercise and taking your local bus!
Positive things all add up.
Anything we can do that helps the environment.
Consider all of the strange that’s weather patterns going on all around the world. Read an article or two about global warming, pollution and do your part to not create it.

I want to get the opinions of a meteorologist here who works for one of the news stations and see what they say about all the tornadoes, high winds here, blizzards in places that have very fair weather most of the time . Congratulations to the four writers from ABC News who made it a team effort to write the original article that inspired me to write this.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 28th, 2015
8:33 a.m.

Death Toll Rises in Dallas as Storms Sweep South –

My prayers go out to all who have been affected in any way in Dallas, TX by the horrible tornadoes that went through there Saturday night.

11 people died due to the very tragic weather conditions.

It seems everyone is affected by some kind of storm or horrible winds, even where I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  What is going on?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 27th, 2015
8:41 a.m