Stars in My Night Sky (Happy Birthday Mom!)

Stars in My Night Sky

By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

June 19th, 2015

I am finding that when I ask God for joy, I get just that. The Joy could be in the bloom of a new summer flower that wasn’t present before, or something wonderful a friend said or a follower of one of my many blogs.

It is 12:27 midnight and here I am at The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Boca Park, NV. I just finished the 20th in a series of twenty 300- SEO web contents for a company I was contracted to write for as part of a huge SEO marketing plan.



Two photos my friend John Erazo took of me at The Grand Cafe….that I did some photo enhancements to. He is one cool young man…and from southern California too.

I am so elated because it was a learning experience and I made it through fracturing my left ankle and breaking 3 toes, getting back to normal….fixing my broken laptop and then learning how to compress files.
Yes, I take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ like in the old Ever Ready battery ads!

Tonight at The Grand Café earlier I took myself to a dinner of split pea soup, Salisbury steak and steamed peas and mashed potatoes…with a dessert of chocolate cake…I splurged in after I got all 20 documents done.



Around 8 p.m.,I met the sweetest little girl named Ariel. I heard a sweet little voice like an angel at the table close to me and I heard her proud mother asking questions that she was answering in succession. I saw the joy in the eyes of what appeared to be a friend, the grandma, the proud mommy and her aunt. When I saw how sweet tempered the little girl was at not even 3 years old, and how incredible her linguistic ability was, I commented to the group that her mommy was doing something very right!

One of the waitresses reached out her hand to the child and her tiny hand reached back….so gently…so sweetly…with sparkling eyes and dimples. I wish I could have taken a photo, but there are many things that should never be photographed that are simply sacred kept between families.

Even with one more web content to go she was like a little miracle and her family a delight. I bowed down to her and her little hand reached back to mine. I told her my mother’s words she told me, as a child growing up:

“You can accomplish anything you put your mind to do! You can do anything!”

It was as though I became my mother saying her words to a whole new generation of children growing up in 2015 who had the same sparkle in her eye that I had in mine at 4. That is when mom taught me phonetics and I learned what the prefixes and suffixes to words meant. I used to pick up books way above my level to see much I could understand on my own. My parents, God bless them both-Dad in heaven looking down at me, and mom always inspiring me.


It is my mother Ramona Le Pore’s 85th birthday today, and though I will not be able to see her in the advanced Alzheimer’s disease special home she resides in Riverside County, CA, close to my sister and brothers. She is with me and always will be. I pray she will always remember me, but even if she fails to one day, I will always remember her and the world will too! Mom you are loved. Happy Birthday from your youngest daughter Paulette!

Her words will be reaching out to others forever and inspiring the world until the end of time through the things I have written mentioning her and in my upcoming book.

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