If my heart were made of flowers it would be blooming. Thank you to my now 3008 Wonderful Inspired Followers on Totally Inspired Mind!

I just wanted to tell you all I am constantly in awe at how much the love returns back to me, like a happy boomerang. For all the love and good will and positive stories I put out there it always returns back my way triple fold.

This is the the first time I have been able to look at all 13 of my web blogs because my computer needed some major working to make it run without it freezing. After searching for what I felt was the ┬ámost qualified computer repair company in Nevada-Maui at ICU Computer Repair Solutions in Henderson saved my ASUS EE PC Flare laptop and MS. Office Professional now works great again, and I created two 300 word SEO web contents for The Web Squad here at the Denny’s I go to where they are like family to me.

I will be working on the 9th, and then the 10th, and then I will see Corey Thomas, Founder and President of The Web Squad, that I am one of the Content Writers for.

The Web Squad, Spring Valley, NV -Address: 3843 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Phone: 702-450-5500 Ask for Corey Thomas, Founder and President.


I was thoroughly impressed with the vast services that The Web Squad offers and how competent all the staff is, which I approached them for a position as one of their content writers.

All the people who work for The Web Squad are good people of integrity, which is difficult to find these days.

ICU Computer Solutions, 9550 South Eastern Ave. Suite 225, Henderson, NV 89123

Tell them both that Paulette Motzko has only stellar endorsements for the quality of their work.

If my computer could sing, it would be singing opera tonight!

Thank you for tuning in through the years on Totally Inspired Mind.

By the way, my bill at Denny’s is $4.44-that lucky number that comes up all the time ever since I was born on 4:44 a.m. August 31st, 191.

I have many ┬ástories to tell that are not published yet…..all I need is more TIME.

There are a few gentlemen who wanted to go out with me tonight, but heck, I have work to do!


Play will come…and then it will be more fun and more glorious.

I wrote this for an musician I went out with who I felt we had something between us. He spent our dinner date bidding on a mouthpiece for his stupid saxophone .. time is the most valuable thing you will ever give anyone ever give someone, and if that was his best first impression, it allowed me to see what he valued. All that time he spent on buying things instead if focusing on me, that you cannot buy.
I wrote him this here and he couldn’t even give me five minutes or a simple thank you for these words.


And so with all things he was good for these words which I now give all the lovers in the world.

Then there was a man whose initials were D.D. We connected in an intellectual way and he was full time of poignant quotes from a vast selection of literature, surprisingly so.

He inspired this in me, which, when I shared it with him, he said nothing.

If someone had written something as beautiful as this I guarantee it wouldn’t be nothing, but a grand appreciation.
For to inspire another human being to create an artistic work, be it a song, a recipe, a photos, a painting, or a poem is the highest compliment.


Have a blessed night, wherever you may live in the world.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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