Thank you for your prayers. My ankle has no pain and I can walk with no cane!

As promised, a much better photo of me taken by my friend John who is a waiter at the Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino Resort.




Taken on my dear friend’s 50th birthday….still with the awkward fiberglass splint up the back of my leg and underneath it!

After wearing a fiberglass splint on my left ankle and foot since the 10th of May and then having a large heavy boot stuck on my foot from Valley Hospital 2 days ago, I took my shower last night with both feet on the shower matt and tested my ankle out; I have absolutely no pain in my ankle and full range of motion in my ankle.

I just have a tiny tiny bit of pain in one of my toes which is nothing to be able to be wearing a Frankenstein boot for. After much writing and walking my left toe hurt enough to take one 600 mg tablet of Ibuprofin.
I walk normally now though and am nearly pain free, not requiring the cane and my life can resume again without hobbling around in slow motion.

I think for all good purposes; my foot is fine.

I’m going to go back and resume everything I did before and Lasagna is gonna be cooked up in my little kitchen for me to split with my dear friend David Rayburn. It is hard for him to cook in a wheelchair and it gives him so much joy and me too-knwing he has something great, delicious, Italian, homemade with TLC.
My Italian BIGA (starter) is on the counter waiting to make artisan bread from Como, Italy.

I’m so happy I have two legs again. Sometimes we don’t need to understand everything in this world. I only know I was very disgruntled yesterday and wondered if God forgot about me and said “if you are a compassionate God let Live and compassion rain down on me and health. Wealth and love.”


You know you have to consider the source of what people tell and discern if yoy think they are lies or truth.

I knew that when I took that boot off last night and I took a shower- the first shower I’ve been able to take with both feet on the ground, without bandages or a splint on my legs or having to put a bag on my leg when I shower…..

I looked in shock as i mived mt ankle around having full motion and no pain. I ASKED MYSELF, why the heck am I wearing this dumb thing? I wasn’t married to rocket scientist for nothing when I realized I had no pain whatsoever in my ankle and was able to move it I knew the injury was not anywhere near what they thought or else it healed in the month.

I am still still taking kwgal action against RTC for turning me down for para- transit service, but I won’t have to be I won’t have to wait to live life.

I don’t know what happened last night only that I said some of the biggest prayers that I have ever said my life.

I’m able minded and wsnted to be able bodied again so I can walk to bus stops that get me all over Las Vegas.

I couldn’t be happier and  I know that people all over the world are praying for me, just like you all prayed for a miraculous recovery for my left wrist, and it healed.

You are the people who inspire me, touch me, enflame my heart and ignite my soul.

I know my Christian friends are praying for me and all those prayers combined together can heal and can make a difference.

Thank you again for your support that you’ve been over the last two and a half years with Totally Inspired Mind. I’d spent the last two and a half weeks just trying to get in to see a specialist and the medical system is really bad in Nevada.

The doctors and hospitals have a really low quality of care unlike California where I grew up.
I will go some place and get my foot and ankle x-rayed again and I make you a bet when the X rays come out it will show that my foot is healed.

Written by Paulette Motzko
Images created by Paulette L Motzko, Copyright 2015

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6:03 p.m.
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4:42 a.m.

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  1. Note folks: I can see the darn typos that drive me nuts. The content was created using my Avant smart phone, which isn’t smart at all. I put the word in and it changes it to what it thinks it should be. I have a new phone in the box waiting for me at home that UPS brought yesterday afternoon.
    I would simply type it on my computer, but I need my computer optimized at Staples because the browser freezes and won’t let me send emails quickly. There goes another $40.
    I will be starting new lessons with my friend Omar’s daughter soon come June, so that will pay for it.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko
    Have a wonderful day everybody!
    505 a.m.
    Saturday, May 23, 2015
    Red Rock Casino and Resort, Las Vegas, NV

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