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My dear spiritual mentor and friend Elder Israel created this beautiful gift for me today and it was so touching.
I had no idea he had read so much about what I did over the last two years with this blog.

I asked him to pray for my dear high school friends Brother Carl Frye and his daughter and he did. Today Carl’s daughter came to and miraculously us out of danger.


God has blessed you immensely and me as well with the resources coming my way while my ankle and foot are healing from the fracture.

I took my dear friend David Rayburn out for his 50th birthday to IHOP, and he and I go out so infrequently; it is always a great time.



David always opens the door for me, even with one hand on his manual wheelchair! That’s a gentleman. I have a handful of people who would do anything for me and I them…and I had to move to Las Vegas, Nevada to find them all.

Angel my dear soul- Sister told me:

Listen girl, I don’t care what time it is its 3 in the morning you call me and I’ll be there! I think you’re going to the hospital you were in an ambulance I would have taken you the day that I call the paramedics about 11 o’clock on the 10th of May.
I’m not used to that because my own sister wsnted to taje thr $400 i lived off when my ex didn’t pay my alimony, she wanted to take that. Apathy kills the soul but love is a constant regeneration of wonder and beauty. In the end, my own family weren’t there for me but my family are all people who have saved my life as in Leonardo Valencia, who just did my laundry and folded it prettier than any laundry service ever could! He is taking Japanese tour bus to The Grand Canyon but I will never forget what he did for me before he left.


How did we meet? An inner voice I had told me to knock on the bus door of the luxury tour bus in a parking lot where I used to live.
He popped out sweet and good looking as ever and used to live in CA so he laughed at all my CA jokes.
He also lived in Tucson where I was born for twenty years!
When we were moving my many pieces of furniture and books in he put a white statue of an angel with a lantern on top if my book case and exclaimed “here’s your Guardian Angel”…..
I think he is my Guardian angel.

I am not sure where this story is going but in the process of Calamity and Trusts you can gain I numerals gifts.

Prayers when said together work and that’s a fact. Even if you were Agnostic like my ex husband is, and even the scientist he is didn’t deny God’s existence and that Jesus Christ walked the earth. He saw God in my heart and actions and the way i helped save lives with The Epilepsy Connection I was the CEO and founder of. He saw when I prayed and I had enough faith for the two of us.
When I saved his life on April 5th, 2001 when he attempted to end his life 7 different ways. He chose wisely by calling upon me. I am happy he us going well and wish him the best in spite of the fact he didn’t pay me alominey for two years. His new wife, who made my life hell taking me to court ended a 12 year court case by me writing one very well constructed real life letter telling that very story to her. He wouldn’t be there I had thought of money first, but that is not me. I am not manipulative and am genuine true blue all the way. He knew that and respected my integrity.
I hope he always does well.
I don’t wish harm on anyone because if you look and think long enough, you wouldn’t be who you are if you hadn’t known that person and what that person taugh you.


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Thank you for the constant support of each and every one of you.

Paulette L Motzko
May 15th, 2015
2:21 a.m.
Elder Israel has been praying daily for me. Famous people who are known internationally known writers and motivational speakers have been praying for me.

I am touched in a way I never thought I would be.

There is a man named Luke who came in my life the night I was in the hospital by myself. He had been praying to find a lady with kindness, Roman Catholic guy, a really handsome, intelligent gentleman who has been praying to meet a lady like me….
I remembered asking all 2000 of you to pray I would meet someone like that….
Perhaps all the prayers are answered?

To be continued. ..

Paulette L Motzko

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