Sometimes what we hope will happen to see what happens and God has other plans for us.


When I fractured my ankle and part of my foot a few days ago, it was a total shock because I didn’t feel my self injury anything at the time, but a half hour later I did.
After a very unpleasant ride via ambulance with two cocky kid paramedics, thinking it was all a joke, and after talking to the acting doctor at UMC Hospital, I fractured my left ankle and broke a toe.
I slept in a hard chair all night because the hospital wouldn’t fork over a cab voucher to let me go home and get some needed rest.

Security officer Joe Martinez made the difference by complaining to the hospital administration to get me the cab voucher. I made it home about 8 am on May 11th, 2015 with a walker that was unweildy and John the nice cab driver carrying my bags.
I erased 3 so called good friends that night who couldn’t so much as call or write the important words of “how are you?”

You find out what people are made of when you go through something like that.
One of my best friends was out of town and two others weren’t feeling well.

I know I was rushing around doing too much work that a lady should do.

I knew I’ve been overworking myself for some time, and now i have doctor’s orders to stay off my left foot and it is in a fiberglass splint up to my knee.

Before the injury I was happy as can be walking around with a preop shoe with a contusion, putting cold compresses on it.

Today I spoke to the most wonderful lady from the social services Sept who is coming tomorrow morning getting me all the help I need with laundry, adaptive devices I can use in the shower and hammering on RTC and the idiot who denied me, even though they knew I had epilepsy since I was nine.
This injury wouldn’t have happened if I had door to door service.
I say “idiot” because I cannot stand apathy in a human being. That is what Dan Howland showed me, who is the director of RTC Nevada Para transit- when he said he didn’t know anything about what a person deals with who has epilepsy and didn’t want to learn!
He blocked all calls going in and out of the bus company showing malicious intent.
I guess I am crippled enough now to warrant paratransit by Dan Howland ideology.

I will be suing him and RTC.

I hate injustices.
Pray I get better soon and I don’t need surgery.

Meanwhile, I will be looking into getting a motorized scooter so I can live.

My computer is on the fritz so everything is being done with my Avant Smartphone.

Anyone know a great, hard- hitting personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV?
I will win my civil case if I get a lawyer or not, but I need a lawyer that gets paid when he wins my case.

Any lawyers with integrity out there, let me know.
Meanwhile I will adapt, look on the bright side, which is the only way to look in life, and my friend Leo is back in town and is gonna come by and help me with some things I need.

I know people who are extraordinary human beings like Angel, David who has spina bifida and got out of his wheel chair to mend my splint that came apart today! He opens the door for me even with one hand on the wheel of his wheelchair. He lives in the same apartment home building as me, two doors down.
We need each other and help eachother. He and Angel and Leo are my gifts from God who are my family.



I went to check the mail with my cane and I walk so slow now I could make a movie of the things around me I pass…like this flowering bush.

Paulette L Motzko

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