I am thankful for great friends and answered prayers

I whacked my foot against something hard in my place this morning and got a contusion on three of my left toes! For some one whose feet are like tired on their car me it was heart breaking. My dear friend David drove me to buy a tower fan to keep the air circulation here and he was so kind to take me out for a wonderful dinner.


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Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright May 2, 2015

He then dropped me off so I could do some other errands and then the pain was so great in my left foot I took the bus to the urgent care down the street. I made it just in time and they ex rated my foot showing it wS just a badly bruised contusion. Dr Frank fitted me with a supportive shoe that took the weight and pressure off the injured parts of my foot and immediately felt better.

My dear friend Dave came back to pick me up from the urgent care. He would have taken me but had something critical he had to do.

It will be finally cool in my place when the sun is at its hottest and I will start the day out thankful it wasn’t worse and thankful for extraordinary friends and neighbors as Dave and the many who said PRAYERS.
I felt much better and I was back to seizure freedom.

I hope if I stay off my foot, and do what the doc said, I will be out waking faster than greased lightening again.

May you all have health of body and mind and may you have great friends around you too.

One or two great ones can help you smile through anything.

Tomorrow I am just taking care of myself,  and

Rest is Yours – 4 by Joanna Quintrell at https://abide.is/prayer/6h8n2i on #abideis

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