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She remains my heroine and was a very influential human being in my life because I read her story when I was nine years old. That was the year I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I knew if she could do what she did and not see or hear; I could do anything.

I read her story when I got her autobiography in 5th grade on a book drive.

I am on chapter 9 now and by the time u go to sleep I will have read the entire book in an evening.

In chapter 11 Helen Keller says that it took her a long time to understand that when the flowers were picked it didn’t hurt them and the concepts of immortality the universe. Its incredible that she was able to understand you very high confidence that she did never seeing or hearing it just baffles me. Anne Sullivan was probably the best teacher that ever lived and Helen Keller was probably a genius 10 times over.


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If you are in the mood for a different book and it isn’t your “cup of tea”, pick something else, and constantly plant new ideas and thoughts in the fertile soil of your mind.


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