In Solitude You Can Create, Problem Solve Touch The Divine To Your Ideas….


Text gram written & created by Paulette L Motzko

Too often we think thar we need someone else to complete us. You seek, we look, we search relentlessly for something will never find. what we’re looking for is it like our selves, and to be comfortable with who we are. What we seek we already possess. Once you like yourself, everyone else will like you too,  attracted to who you were and what you believe in, not what you look like. looks is really not much to do with the overall person. a person can be the prettiest thing in the world to be a terrible human being, there are many like that who are superficial.

Self actualization and interpersonal communication, soul searching, as well as praying, however you pray, as well as writing in the journal will lead you to fine and what you love, what you don’t love and what you want out of life. when you do what you love, you’re happy and it shows.

For the next week write in a journal and don’t time it. Write about anything you  want and before long poetry will emerge and you will be on your way to self discovery.

Don’t share what you wrote with anyone, and have it be an almost sacred time, where you can talk to God about your problems, and come up with ways to overcome them.

You will see what works for you.

You will soon learn to be “comfortable in your own skin” and people will notice you’re happier.


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