Anyone at Any Age Can Acquire Epilepsy. Paukette Motzko’s Story & Epilepsy News Resource


Me at nine years old. It was a terrible and tragic time in my life. I was diagnosed with complex partial and simple partial epilepsy at age 9 in January 1971. It was also the year when my Nanny came to live with us, thank God. She became my second mother when mom worked as a waitress, and brought with her MUSIC, COOKING and LAUGHTER.

The Henry F Miller piano would soon become my best friend when kids wrote “I hate Paulette” on the side walk in chalk. Kids can be ruthless when they have lousy parents who don’t teach them how to be kind to another. The same kids wanted to be my friends when went to high school on the Honor Roll and Dean’s List, but I wanted no part of them.


I would then write music, play the guitar and have over 50 songs with rights reserved recorded in a studio, and eventually teach piano 22 years even to the hearing impaired and special needs kids. I used sign language and turned the audible into visual.


Music definitely was my best friend as a child and cooking and reading cookbooks and studying the way the food styling etc

Now I have a cooking blog called


I have other grear friends like family now who are genuine and they accept me for who I am.
I gravitate towards intelligent, kind, compassionate people who care about the world. That’s the only kind of people I know.


More people have epilepsy thing you know. Is a person who had epilepsy their entire life, but only known that I had it since I was 9 years old, because it went undiagnosed because I could not describe what I was going through it for years old – I know that education is power. That’s one reason that I created this extraordinary newsletter that I never seen created before two years ago. If you know someone who’s having temporary lapse of consciousness consciousness, if you see someone who doesn’t look quite right he’s not looking at you and making eye contact. That could be a sign of having a seizure. You got to know what to look for. Educate yourself.

The facts are anyone under the age and anytime can acquire epilepsy even you! All you need are:

1. A fever goes higher than 102 or 103
2. A blow on the head
3. Head trauma
4. Coma
5. Convulsions
6. Hereditary favors

I had all those things and nearly died before I turn 2 years old. educating myself, becoming a spokesperson for others who are disabled, being the director of the Epilepsy Foundation for the Philly yet, and also the director of the Epilepsy connection, I care about showing others that you can help yourself. Anyone has disabled can live just as good as life to someone else and we need more people to stand out for the sable community so that we all have chances for employment insurance and other issues.

I wish you health, I wish you peace, when I wish you more than just your needs met, but I wish you love and joy as well.

Paulette L Motzko, taken April 2015 by my best friend in Las Vegas, Leonardo Valencia.

Written by and photography and graphic design by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
April 10 2015
543 p.m.

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